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Amy Jackson to take pizza cooking lessons at Cannes

Looks like the actor is getting a little too obsessed with Cannes, no?

Anannya Chatterjee 18 May 2017, 7:50 PM
Amy Jackson takes her Cannes love to the next level

Amy Jackson takes her Cannes love to the next level Image: Instagram

Amy Jackson has been taking Cannes a bit too seriously, tbh. We already got our hands on her full cardio workout and diet plan that she has been following diligently to be in shape for Cannes. Now, taking her excitement a step further, she has decided to make the most of her trip to France and learn how to make the most authentic pizzas. Yep. She's even going to take a day off from her schedule to do just that.



Byeee rainy London, next stop, Cannes 🎬

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A source says, “Pizza is Amy’s all-time favourite dish. When she visited the festival last year, she decided to return to learn how to prepare the Italian delicacy. She also plans to start a restaurant in London, UK. Therefore, she is taking keen interest in cooking and learning more about various cuisines.”

Amy says, “Cannes is probably the most beautiful city I’ve been to, and ironically I love the pizzas there. I will take a day off just to walk around, learn how to cook, and appreciate all the beauty.” Hmm. We won't be suprised if she turns entrepreneur soon and opens a new restaurant like Jacqueline Fernandez.

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