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All you need is love and loads of chocolate to celebrate World Chocolate Day

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy

Nivi Shrivastava @msjunebug_nivi 6 July 2018, 5:50 PM
How about some chocolate dosa to celebrate World Chocolate Day ?

How about some chocolate dosa to celebrate World Chocolate Day ? Image: IMLY, New Delhi

Keep calm and eat chocolate. On World Chocolate Day, which is tomorrow, July 7 this year, we want you to take a break and appreciate the best food in the world, also known as chocolate. From desserts to confectioneries and delicious shakes — the secret ingredient in all the best dishes is usually chocolate.

To celebrate the special day dedicated to this all-time-favourite food, some restaurants in Delhi have created exclusive dishes which prove there's nothing that can taste bad if it has chocolate. So, take a cue and try out these interesting innovations with chocolate, and don't forget to tell us about it in the comments section below.

Chocolate croquettes

A take on Spain's favourite dish, chef Piyush Jain of Decode Social Dining has created chocolate croquettes that are stuffed with chocolate and deep fried. An ideal way to confuse your guests, who would expect the croquettes to be savoury but will be pleasantly surprised to find melted chocolate inside. 

Chocolate croquettes

Chocolate croquettes Image: Decode Social Dining

Chocolate dosa

At eating joint Imly, the chefs have converted the humble dosa into a delish dessert by replacing the traditional filling with Nutella and dark chocolate. Aman Puri of Imly mentions that they have transformed the south Indian favourite into a rich Western treat. While the crisp outer remains intact, the inner filling is a delish treat for those who love chocolaty surprises.  

Chocolate dosa

Chocolate dosa Image: Imly

Chocolate golgappas

Can you imagine panipooris without the tangy water? Well, the owner of Nukkad Cafe and Bar, Kanishk Tuteja, has introduced chocolate golgappas which are filled with Nutella and it looks like a perfect way to fuse street food with dessert. 

Chocolate golgappa

Chocolate golgappa Image: Nukkad Cafe and Bar

Chocolate pasta

Here's an Italian twist to white chocolate as chef Harangad Singh of Prankster & Pra Pra Prank has created Chocolate Fettuccini with vanilla cream sauce. Fettuccini, a type of pasta made of egg and flour, is tossed with chocolates in the vanilla sauce to create an awesome main course option. 

Chocolate pasta

Chocolate pasta Image: Prankster

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