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Pune is set to host Beer Olympics. #CityGoals, much?

Boozy broads and dudes, here's why all roads lead to Pune this weekend. Read on!

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 18 May 2017, 6:27 PM
Are you ready for the Beer Olympics?

Are you ready for the Beer Olympics? Image: Facebook

Pune might just be the coolest Indian city right now. Not just because it has the best of music fests and the swankiest of bars, but because the city now has its own Beer Olympics. A micro-brewery called Doolally, is hosting the 'Olympics', where contestants will compete over 10 litres of free beer. Moreover, each game will have individual prizes — all of which add up to winnings worth upto Rs 50,000 in beer.

On May 20, the Olympics will be held at the Corinthians Club, in Pune. A number of teams will play against each other in a series of very amusing but difficult games, like Chug relay, Jenga, Beer Pong and Darts — your typical bar favourites. Each team has four contestants, and the teams will compete for a Beer Olympic Kit, which includes a tee shirt, a snack box, and umm, more beer. Obviously.


Pong - Where beer meets physics. When: Saturday, May 20 Where: Pune

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Also, do check out the prize mug below.


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