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Alien Chutney's Kaizad Gherda takes our really random, not-so rapid fire

Rehearsals are boring and 13 Reasons Why is just 13 wasted hours, Alien Chutney's keyboardist gets talking

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 2 June 2018, 4:09 PM
T2 Interview
Alien Chutney's keyboardist, Kaizad Gherda

Alien Chutney's keyboardist, Kaizad Gherda Image: Instagram

Now playing: It's a TV show, called Game of Thrones. Next track: Ch*t***a hai. 

Needless to say, Alien Chutney, led by Vir Das, has the right kind of quirk to offer. Comedy Rock – a generic name this five-member band of Vir, Sidd Coutto, Johan Pais, Kaizad Gherda and Apurv Isaac has coined — is obviously apt and you'd agree if Alien Chutney wasn't alien to you. With hilarious lyrics and peppy beats, this group's performances are basically a stand-up comedy dubbed over music.

So, when the aliens descended on earth recently for a performance at Awestrung, High Street Phoenix, Mumbai, T2 Online caught up with keyboardist, Kaizad Gherda, for a quick chat. Our questions were really random but his answers were not-so-rapid. There was, however, enough quirk to last a lifetime.

Your songs are always high on energy with wacky lyrics, but all with a great message. How does the ideation happen — randomly or after careful thought?

A bit of both. Some tracks always have a pre-planned joke or a point we want to bring across. Hence they may go through that boring process called 'rehearsals'. Other tracks are random thoughts that come to us, we may make the song up just a few hours before a show and play a vignette on stage.

How was it performing in Mumbai after two years?

Wonderful. I always feel like Bombay is a home turf for this band. They are open to our brand of humour, and accept it as well.

No Means No has gotten a huge response. Did you guys have a hunch that it will work so well, given the social set-up at present?

This was one of the songs that did go through some ideation as we wanted to bring out all the angles of the current situation in India. It's a rare song of ours that's in Hindi. It has the right amount of maturity in its thought and cheesiness in its chorus line for what it became.

Your Game of Thrones rendition was on point. Any more shows you want to cover that way?

When another show takes over India and the world Like Game of Thrones did, maybe we shall bring out the stupidity of that too.

How did Paan happen?

Paan happened when Vir came to rehearsal with the idea of a song about chewing paan. It's a typical Indian pastime and hence it may catch on as a good one. It not only has a visual aspect to it that is funny and ridiculous, but also has an aural aspect of the spitting, chewing, and talking, which gives us a lot of material to make fun of in the track.

Who among the three is the loudest?


Last three opened apps on your phone?

Mail, Snooker game, and WhatsApp.

First three words that crop up in your head when you hear 13 Reasons Why?

13 wasted hours.

Five apps you probably are addicted to, big time?

Uber, Instagram, BookMyShow, NDTV and Snooker Live Pro.

Message to trolls?

Keep 'em coming.

What is wrong with the music industry at present?


What's your poison?

Coke or a chilled Limbu Paani.

Stranded on an island, and you have to take three materialistic things with you. They would be...

My piano, insect repellent, and hairband.

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