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After thong jeans, 2.7 metre denims are the next impractical fashion trend

Wearing them is an art and involves a bit of Physics, too

Nanda Das @nanda1das 6 July 2018, 5:36 PM
You need to clear space in your closet in order to fit these in

You need to clear space in your closet in order to fit these in Image: Instagram

When it comes to denims, it's all about being extreme. They are either barely there, or there's too much of them. Just the other day we were rolling our eyes at thong jeans, and now, here are some denims which will blow your mind with their sheer length.

Created by New York-based streetwear brand, Bronze 56, these 2.7-metre-long pair of denims are just like any normal pair of jeans, only super long. 

Aptly named Extendo Pants, the question we have is, how to wear them? And how long will it take to wear them or even take them off. An eternity, we think.

You need to pull it up (and up and up...) until your foot reaches the end. You also need to wear really steady shoes to keep them from slipping.

While fashion experts are calling this trend 'impractical', these unbelievable denims have been garnering negative reviews from fashionistas, too. While one Instagram user wrote, "Looks stupid and would feel heavy and so hot on ya legs!" another said "ew" and yet another user wrote, "ridiculous".

We kind of agree. 

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