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Imperfection is beauty, and a new fashion campaign is winning hearts by celebrating 'flaws'

British fashion brand Missguided's new campaign featuring models with psoriasis, scars and albinism is getting a thumbs up from Netizens

Nanda Das @nanda1das 17 May 2018, 1:59 PM
While most high street fashion labels celebrate models with 'perfect' skin and even more 'perfect' bodies, one brand is defying the aesthetic norm

While most high street fashion labels celebrate models with 'perfect' skin and even more 'perfect' bodies, one brand is defying the aesthetic norm Image: Twitter

How many times have you tried to conceal the acne, freckles or pigmentation marks on your face? How much money have you spent on skincare products to get rid of such 'flaws' that have earned you not-so-nice remarks from 'concerned' friends and well-wishers? You know what we are talking about, right?

What makes matters worse is the glamour industry that sets impossible standards of 'beauty'. Models and actors with porcelain, blemish-free skin and even more enviable bodies sashay down ramps, adorn glossies and appear in ads, making us feel worse about our 'imperfections'. But in this crowd of fashion brands celebrating 'perfection', there is a voice that is lauding 'flaws', making us believe that imperfection is beauty.

Yes, British female fashion brand Missguided has come up with a unique new endeavour, unveiling its latest #inyourownskin campaign that features six different models — all with unique skin conditions.

So, who are these models who are giving us all the inspiration we need to embrace ourselves just the way we are? Scroll down to know more about their stories.

Joanne is a plus-size model with albinism and her dream is to change the perception of beauty in our society.

Isabella, a student-model, suffered scars on her arm and back due to a house fire that occurred when she was 17. She dreams to be a supermodel one day.

Polly doesn't feel the need to cover up her freckles and they don't stop her from believing in herself. 

Another student Beth, who has psoriasis, made her modelling debut with this campaign.

Maya, who has a rare skin condition called epidermolysis bullosa, praises the brand for not conforming to stereotypical ideals of beauty.

Like us, Netizens, too, are applauding this body positive campaign.

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