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A bomb in my bathtub? Sounds like a fantastic idea, bring it on!

Bubble baths and flower petals are old news, the latest bathing indulgence ritual involves a fragrant bath bomb. Want to give it try?

Nivi Shrivastava 9 May 2018, 4:03 PM
Bath bombs are the latest rage on Instagram

Bath bombs are the latest rage on Instagram Image: THINKSTOCK

Wondering how to impress your lady love? Gift her a bath bomb and see her jump with joy. It's the latest craze that has caught the fancy of millennials for being so fancy. There's not much to think anyway, there's a bomb that makes your bathtub awesome — so what's not to like?

A bath bomb in the tub involves an explosion of exotic fragrances and colours, and in some cases glitter, too. A dreamy, relaxing bath experience after a hectic day at work — who would dare say no to this?

Bath bombs are not just popular for their animated water explosions, but they are also good for skin as they come loaded with creamy suds, skin-friendly nutrients and soap. Apparently, a bath bomb named 'unicorn poo' is one of the most popular bathing products trending on Instagram for being super luxurious.

If you are game for a bomb-blastic experience in your bathtub, take a look at these clips for some motivation:

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