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8 diet tips to steal from mommy-to-be Kareena Kapoor Khan

In a Facebook Live session with her dietician Rujuta Diwekar, Bebo spilled the beans on her diet, pregnancy and more

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 20 September 2016, 8:06 PM

Flaunting her baby-bump, Kareena was snapped by photogs before her Facebook Live chat with her dietician Rujuta Diwekar Image: Viral Bhayani

We love the all-white avatar. Image: Viral Bhayani

In her first of three Facebook Live chats with Rujuta, Bebo let out interesting bits about her diet and food habits Image: Viral Bhayani

She's the most glam mommy-to-be on the block. Of course, we heart Kareena Kapoor Khan. And, of course, you'd be all ears if she were to spill the beans on her diet. Guess what? She did just that. In a Facebook Live session with her dietician Rujuta Diwekar last evening, we found out some really interesting bits about Bebo and her food habits. This was the first part of their three-part Facebook Live session. The next session is on November 14 and the last one would be on February 14, 2017.

Looking gorgeous in a white Rajesh Pratap Singh kurti paired with salwar, Bebo finished her look with a statement neckpiece. Here are the things we learnt about Kareena during her hour-long chat:

1. Bebo's pregnancy cravings include karela (bitter gourd) and Indian sweets like homemade besan, suji or pinni ladoos.

2. “It's a must for me to eat parantha,” said Bebo.

3. She follows the '3 things on a plate' rule. And her hubby Saif Ali Khan follows it too. “If it’s palak paneer, roti and achar, that’s three things. I always tell Saif, that’s three things; don’t cross three things. And he says, 'no, but I’ll also have this salad' and I say 'no, three things.' So now he’s got his mind around this. That if he has achar, he can’t have something else. The whole day he’s calculating what he’s supposed to have. I think that also helps a lot, keeping these basic rules in mind (sic).”

4. Saif doesn't trust Kareena's food advice, she laughs. “He doesn’t trust me. When he says he doesn’t want to eat something, I give him an alternative, and he says, ‘No, but Rujuta hasn’t said I can eat it.’ And I say, but I am telling you, you can eat it. He says, ‘No, you don’t know anything.’ I know exactly what to eat when. He doesn’t believe me. But he’s been following it really well, and looking super fit and enjoying the diets. But, of course, suddenly he’ll call you (Rujuta) up and say, ‘I want to eat this.’ I’ve already said, 'Yes, you can.' But he’ll re-check with you and then have it (sic).”

5. Bebo gives out her diet plan to which she sticks diligently. “Eat parantha for breakfast, have coconut water after that. Eat a bowl of grapes. In the evening, have a cheese toast. For dinner, have khichdi and dahi or roti-sabzi, or dal chawal-sabzi,” she said.

6. When Rujuta prompted that Bebo has trigged a multi-million dollar industry where everyone's turning to yoga, Bebo responded in her classic tone: “Everybody is a yogi in Mumbai”.

7. Choti Begum refrains from “protein powder.” She swears by natural forms of protein and says that she doesn't lift weights, so doesn't need to go for protein powder. All her protein requirements are met by eating healthy food.

8. While answering one of the questions from her Facebook fans about her pregnancy glow, Bebo said, “I don't know. Maybe, it is a combination of ghee and being happy. Eating local, right, healthy food. No cravings or over-indulging.” To which Rujuta said, “Kapoor genes come from ghee.” Kareena laughed and added, “And most of them are overweight, as they have it in huge quantity.” What she means is a pinch of ghee that enhances taste should be enough.

Watch the full video here:


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