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7 Delhi Comic Con moments that gave us nerdgasm

From a PK cosplay to a 360-degree Mahabharata experience, Comic Con Delhi had it all

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 18 December 2017, 5:39 PM
That's two Deadpools, by the way...

That's two Deadpools, by the way... Image: Facebook/ Comic Con India

If you were at the Delhi Comic Con this weekend, Christmas obviously came early for you. The Delhi edition of the biggest pop culture fest just concluded its stellar three-day run, and you need to hear about it. 

From Mahabharata 3D domes to fantastic nerd merch to one-on-one interactions with comic artistes, the Delhi Comic Con outdid itself this year. For a rookie's benefit: Comic Con is a multi-genre comic and fantasy convention or, in simpler terms, a place where you can get your geek on and go all in.

But the winning moment? When Darth Vader posed with Shame Lady Septum Unella from Game of Thrones. Cuz, Comic Con really bands the evil together.

Comic Con
Darth Vader and Unella (Image: Facebook/ Comic Con india)

But there was a lot of other action too. Here are the fiercest Comic Con Delhi moments:

Body positive Batman, anyone?



A match made in hell. #Batman #Catwoman. #ComicCon #Delhi #BestWeekendOfTheYear

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No, Batman does not always need perfectly defined abs. Here's proof. If Catwoman doesn't mind, who are you to judge?

Loki + Marshmello



Somebody actually dressed up as EDM icon Marshmello and just hung out with Lord of Mischief Loki and his Tesseract.

Marvel met DC?



Comic Con finally got DCEU main man Batman and the Marvel-lous Deadpool to pose together.

The platform of our dreams



We found the platform 9 3/4 with Hedwig's cage nesting beside it. Cuz, Comic Con has everything, okay?

So magnetic..



This flea store selling fridge magnets. It has everything!!

Ugly Sweater creator!

Brice Richard
Brice Richard (Image: Facebook/ Comic Con India)

We found the man behind the Ugly Sweater comics — Brice Richard. The comic strip about co-existing with a desi wife and two culturally confused kids is a huge sensation.

A female Sherlock, thank you very much

Sherlockina, everybody (Image: Facebook/ Comic Con India)

Remember when Benedict Cumberbatch picked a name for a female Sherlock? Yeah, someone took him really seriously. And we love it!

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