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5 workouts to help you get rid of the dad bod

Are you in your 20s or 30s but your body makes you look way older? Here's how to get rid of the flab and rock some abs...

Suchayan Mandal 19 February 2018, 5:16 PM
Want a physique like Hrithik Roshan? With a few simple exercises, you very well can

Want a physique like Hrithik Roshan? With a few simple exercises, you very well can Image: Facebook

Men with dad bods have the wisdom that we often associate with daddies. They don’t wake up one fine morning and scream ‘Abracadabra’ to find their pot bellies vanish. The harsh truth of life: It’s easy to get fat than lose it. Despite knowing this bitter truth, many often hate the idea of hitting the gym every day. Busy work schedules can play spoilsport, too. However, if you want to get rid of that embarrassing dad bod, you need to initiate a journey of losing weight. And guess what, you can stay away from a gym and still do so. How? Well, at home.

T2 Online caught up with Biswajit Naskar, senior trainer and personal trainer at SKULPT, a fitness centre in Kolkata, who pointed out, "While there is nothing called spot reduction, when you want to lose weight in a concentrated area, the idea is to overwork the muscles of that specific group of muscles in a way that they tire, and the visceral fat breaks down to provide energy for the workout. This causes loss of fat in that area of the body. The greatest myth is that abs workout alone can rid you of your belly fat. To lose belly fat, one needs to focus on major muscle groups."

So, neither ab exercises nor cardio alone can make you get rid of the dad bod. You need to work out your whole body in order to achieve your target. Naskar prescribes the following workouts you can do in the comfort of your home and lose weight in a jiffy. Get, set, go...



It involves your core muscles to an extent none of the other workouts do. Squats not only strengthen the core muscles, but also target the leg muscles.


Push Ups

This is another workout that not only strengthens your upper body, i.e. chest, shoulder and triceps, but also strengthens and works on the core.

Burpees (Cardio Workout)



Cardio is the best way to lose the maximum amount of calories in a single movement. Among the cardio exercises, burpees is a full body movement (upper, lower and also the core), which burns a very high amount of calories.

Basic Crunches

Basic Crunches

This involves almost all abdominal muscles, including rectus abdominis, internal oblique, external oblique and TA (transverse abdominis). This is an isolation exercise (single joint movement) that can help reduce belly fat.



This is an isometric movement (one where you will not see any external motion, however, the muscle groups are active) for the core muscles.

The idea of strength workout is to change the body composition, comprising lean and fat mass. The more lean mass one develops, the better the body functions. The more we do strength training, the lean mass develops — which in order to survive, breaks down the fat mass in the body. Hence, the newest development in the science of fitness is that one’s fitness quotient is assessed not through their BMI (body mass index), but rather their fat percentage.

“While performing any of the above exercises, make sure the posture is correct, else there could be chances of injury,” says Naskar.

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