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5 ways to summer-proof your new tattoo

Check out these dermatologist-approved tips to keep your body art looking fine this summer

T2 Online Newsdesk 16 May 2017, 10:50 PM
Virat Kohli's tattoos must need care with all that time under the sun

Virat Kohli's tattoos must need care with all that time under the sun Image: Twitter

While this is the perfect season to show off your cool body art, the scorching sun may also play spoilsport for your tattoos by causing skin infections, allergies and heat rashes. So, if you want to get your body inked to get in summer zone, we have help. Dermatoligists Rohit Batra, Vivek Mehta, and aesthetic and cosmetic physician Neha Mittal tell you how to protect tattoos during summer.

Amp up the sun protection

Flaunting your tattoo all the time sans sunblock is the main cause behind the design fading or the colours losing their pop. The sun's UV rays will quickly reduce the beauty of the tattoo, making it appear dull, resulting in colour spreading or scarring. Therefore, sun protection is important. Apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or above) generously on the tattoo. Make sure that you do this soon after you get inked. Ten to 14 days after getting a tattoo done, limit your sun exposure and apply sunscreen. Re-apply sunscreen every two to three hours.

Develop a hatred of water

Well, not really. But try and avoid water coming in contact with your tattoo when you are in a bathtub, hot water and ocean or pool water as they may contain a harmful chemical, which might cause irritation, allergy or other skin issues. If you are planning to go on vacation after getting a tattoo, especially to places with beaches, oceans or swimming pools, then you must wait for 14 to 20 days to have your tattoo recover properly, as staying too much in water can also hamper the healing and can damage your expensive tattoo.

Moisturise well

It is quite normal to feel itchy and sensitive on the area of the tattoo, especially after a few days of a new tattoo. Therefore, use a moisturiser with an anti-oxidant formula or just douse it with petroleum jelly.

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