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5 things London Fashion Week taught us about 'anything that goes' fashion

Basically anything goes with everything. Did you know that?

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 20 September 2017, 6:18 PM
Gigi Hadid with Tommy Hilfiger at London Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid with Tommy Hilfiger at London Fashion Week Image: Twitter

London Fashion Week just concluded its five-day run, and went big on the last day with the Tommy Hilfiger runway show at the iconic Roundhouse (the place held The Doors's first London concert). This year's LFW had some very clear style rules, and made some major strides in practical workwear fashion. Everything was worn with an air of 'anything goes'  — a delicate embroidered gown was made to work with a loose T-shirt or a neck tie. Or the throwaway sexiness of a tartan skirt with a sheer plastic back.

From grunge gym wear to slouchy glam, this year's LFW gave us the kind of fashion we want in our everyday closets. Here's a roundup of everything LFW 2017 taught us.

Defying with some detailing

The Versace runway show at the LFW was all about going against codes. Exactly what we'd expect from the Italian powerhouse. But Versace went truly cosmopolitan with the LFW show and proved that it is evolving its couture to cater to millennial needs. From gingham crop tops to silk sailor ties, Versace made everyday fashion go seriously couture.

Pastels = Power wear

Whoever told you to ditch the pastels for that big meeting, needs to be found, and well.... told that they were wrong. If the Armani LFW show was anything to go by, spring-summer bottoms, and pastel blouses are the hottest thing to wear. Ever.

Goth eyes go with EVERYTHING

We mean everything. Just check out Tommy Hilfiger's collection. Just friggin' look

Anti-fit is a major hit

Burberry is still doing what it does best. But the very English, slihoutte-loving lifestyle brand went all in to embrace the anti-fit trend this time around. From slouchy poncho capes, to floor-lenghth blazers, Burberry is at an all-time high.

No, slits are not a no-no

Yes. You. Can. Wear. Slits. To. Work. Period. But seriously, though, wear more slits to work. Check out this Christopher Kane look from the Fashion Week.

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