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On Women's Day, we tell you 5 reasons we need more cat ladies in the world

Not crazy or forever-single, here's what it really means to be a lady who lives with felines. Happy Women's Day to all cat ladies out there!

Arpita Kala 8 March 2017, 4:50 PM
Cat aka the nameless cat helped Audrey Hepburn play a perf cat lady in the cult classic, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Cat aka the nameless cat helped Audrey Hepburn play a perf cat lady in the cult classic, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

On International Women’s Day, we would like to repackage the stereotype ‘crazy cat lady.’ Sure, there are many other worthy causes that we can talk about today but this pejorative boils down to the assumption that women do not have a choice in owning a cat.

No, a lady who adopts homeless and unloved felines is not doing so because she can’t find no man to boss her around or loves to spend her life savings on cat food, and certainly not because she is a witch (like seriously, can you get any more creative than that?). A cat-lover, who happens to belong to human female species, takes in a cat because, simply put, she chooses to.

Not that we want to stereotype the ladies who love mews since they come in all forms but here are some things that a cat lady can be, other than crazy or spinster, as men would have you believe.

Great multitaskers

Who can clean the litter box, cook breakfast for humans, fill the older cat's bowl with adult dry food and the lil ones' with wet kitten food, tweet from each of her cats' social media accounts, get dressed in a single breath and, yet, make it to work in time? A cat lady kan haz.

Honest to the fish bone

Let's face it, you probably don't like cats, cuz they aren't afraid to call you out on your BS with a painful smack on your face or, worse, cold indifference. Ditto with cat ladies. From calling you out on being nice to your frenemies to sincerely telling you that the sweater your mum knit for you makes you look fat, these women keep it refreshingly real.  

Understanding, for real

Every day is a new beginning if you are living with cats. That means a belly rub that got you never-ending purrs one night can score you scratches on your arm the next day. Feline companionship operates solely on vibes. So, if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or are feeling blue, a cat lady is adept in handling all kinds of mood swings.

Left-of-centre kinda lovers

The presence of cats in a woman’s house doth not rob her ability to fall in love. It’s not that cat ladies have an aversion to romance or social life, they just have the bar set high. So, don’t blame the cat of rejecting you on her mistress' behalf. The cat is permanent; you're replaceable. Bid adieu to your side chicks, get treats for her feline pet and you may just be invited to sit on the couch with them. It’s worth it.  

Not witches, but magical creatures nevertheless

Yep, they did cast a spell on you since you can't stop thinking about how cat ladies and their beloved felines would rather be at home with Netflix and laser light toys respectively than attend the hottest shindig in town with you. Nope, they aren’t stirring potions but making an empowering statement by enjoying their own company. Haven’t you heard self-sufficient is the new cool?  

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