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5 reasons to get rid of a guy who is unsure about you. The sooner, the better

When in doubt, delete

Nivi Shrivastava @msjunebug_nivi 11 July 2018, 5:10 PM
Don't let someone else's uncertainty be a cause for your unhappiness

Don't let someone else's uncertainty be a cause for your unhappiness Image: THINKSTOCK

Ladies, it's time for some tough love. If you are in a relationship, committed or not, you should always know one thing — no one should take you for granted. And if your guy mentions that he is "uncertain" or "unsure" about you, that's your cue to dump him right away and move on ASAP.

Mixed feelings, like mixed drinks, are nothing but a reason for an extended bad hangover after the party is over. So, if someone thinks he can put you on hold and take his own sweet time to decide, the onus is on you to make the right decision for yourself and tell him to get lost.

We know it's not easy to just block people from your life, but when it comes to love, the rule is plain and simple — there is no room for mixed feelings. There are a million reasons to give up on an "unsure" guy, but here are the top five things that will help you rip off the band-aid.

1. He says he needs time: It's quite rare to have two people think alike; and if a man wants time to decide if he wants to be with you or not, what do you do? Do you wait endlessly or finish it right there? Tanushree Kulkarni, a consultant, says, "It depends on how long one has been dating. If after a month or two he is unsure, then it is fine. But if he is still unsure after 6 months of dating, it is better to not invest any time in him." We say, give him a deadline to make up his mind. Pretty legit? 

2. He is not giving his 100 per cent: If he is unsure about a future with you, he won't be investing much in the relationship. It will always be a half-hearted effort from his side and no self-respecting woman should be okay getting treated like a plan B. Akanksha Singhal, a Delhi-based blogger, says, "It's either in or out. There's nothing in between."

3. He can't decide: Do you really want to be with a guy who can't make decisions? Think again. Radhika Sharma, a Delhi-based professional opines, "If a guy has already spent a good amount of time with a person and still is unsure, this means he has difficulty in making decisions. Not all things are going to turn in a man's favour in a relationship; he will have to adjust to adverse situations. Moreover, life is always unpredictable, we just need to take a decision to be with someone and enjoy the uncertainties of life."  

4. Read between the lines: If a guy is unsure about you, he will give you subtle signals. He might not be comfortable with PDA and won't introduce you to his family and friends. If you nudge him further, he might say yes to calm you down but be absolutely sure if he wants it, too. Aditi Swain, a freelance writer, says, "If a guy says he is unsure, it means the guy is fickle-minded and cannot take important decisions. There are high chances your marriage/ relationship won't stay strong either. Understand the subtle red flags and say no to him as soon as you can."

5. Don't wait to get dumped: No one likes to get dumped, and especially by someone who wasn't even sure about you. Avoid reaching this tragic point and do it yourself. Payall Gupta, an entrepreneur, says, "If a guy tells you he is unsure about you, it's all the more reason to ditch him before he does that to you. Why would you allow him to have that advantage when you can do the same and make a big difference in your life?"

Save yourself the unnecessary drama and do the right thing.  

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