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5 health commandments by celeb nutritionist Pooja Makhija

From protein shakes to brown bread, the diet guru to Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor helps you glow from within

T2 Online Newsdesk 16 February 2017, 7:36 PM
Celeb nutritionist Pooja Makhija has a eat-whatever-you-want diet mantra

Celeb nutritionist Pooja Makhija has a eat-whatever-you-want diet mantra Image: Facebook

Tummy rolls, patchy skin or even PCOS and thyroid-related diets — whatever may be your concern, celeb nutritionist Pooja Makhija is here to your rescue. With a client list that boasts of Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar, Pooja has a simple mantra when it comes to food — eat what you want, just control the quantity. She says, "No nutritionist can hold your hand for the rest of your life and tell you how to eat. Teach your children the relationship with food. 'Eat your proteins beta, your hair will not fall. Eat your proteins if you want to grow tall. Eat your carbs if you want to go play a sport. Eat your vitamins so that your eyes are fine. You want lips like Snow White and rosy cheeks? Eat your cherries, eat your apples.'" A relationship with food? That's something we can easily work on.

So, check out her easy and filling commandments for the best skin and health you can have:

Food is not thy enemy

Skipping meals to fit into that bodycon dress may not really work. In fact, this quickie may even backfire. Pooja says, "If you starve yourself, you cannot be thin. If you don’t eat the right food at the right time, you will end up eating the wrong food at the wrong time. That’s called instinct of survival." So, eat more with thought and know when to stop.

Hell hath no fury like caffeine scorned

Yep, if you're part of the 'No coffee, no workee' clan, here's a newsflash — get used to tea and coffee without sugar. Pooja says, "Don’t drink caffeine to get energy. That’s borrowed energy. Because you did not eat right, you feel low in energy. For every cup of caffeine you drink, replace it with two cups of water. Caffeine is a water-leacher. Don’t go beyond two cups a day. After that is addiction."

Carbs doth not make you fat

Carbs get a bad rep in every fitness freak's diet. But Pooja warns that cutting out the carbohydrates in your diet may have ugly consequences, literally. She says, "Do not cut out carbs. Thus there is pigmentation, dry skin, wrinkles, hair fall. Yes, I might eat less carbs for dinner compared to lunch, but I need carbs." And, fun fact — your brown bread is not exactly whole-wheat either. She says, "There is no such thing as brown bread. This is the best way to make all of you buddhu! What is brown bread? It is just caramelised white bread. Wholewheat bread is 10 per cent wholewheat and 90 per cent maida, because no bread can be baked without maida." Ouch!

Your body loveth au naturel

While Pooja, vehemently, discourages the use of protein drinks, she does agree to using multivitamins and calcium supplements. She says, "You cannot convert fat to muscle by drinking protein shakes. The moment you stop, the effects will wear out. Dal and egg whites are a great source of proteins whereas yoghurt is great for calcium." Also, she clears the air for once and for all- Multivitamins do not make you fat. 

Thou shall not believe heresy

Migraines are mostly acidity-related and PCOS-sufferers can still eat potatoes. Yep, she also busted these common myths, so you can rejoice at meal-times. The trick to cure migraines is to start your day with a fruit and eat every two hours, so that the acid production is utilised. Also, up your water intake to a good two to three litres. Pooja also advises, "Cutting body fat is a solution for PCOS. Have small frequent meals, involve a good amount of exercise and rest well. Who said potatoes are poison for PCOS? If I would recommend a person who doesn’t have PCOS a medium-sized potato, for someone who has PCOS, I’d say, have 50g. Natural sugar from vegetables don’t have to be buried at all."

Well, now you know.

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