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5 amazing food experiences around the world worth travelling for

After all, to travel is to eat

Nanda Das @nanda1das 10 July 2018, 4:29 PM
Culinary travel has become a rage now

Culinary travel has become a rage now

For many of us, travelling to a new destination is all about trying out their local cuisine. After all,  to travel is to eat. This is also one of the ways through which we get to learn more about foreign culture. With culinary travel gaining rapid popularity across the globe, it's all about digging your hands into some delectable local delicacies.

Therefore, to satiate your food cravings, Resorts Condominiums International (RCI) India, a travel portal, has listed five must-have culinary experiences from five of the most exotic locations around the world. Don't blame us if you're suddenly hit by an urge to pack your bags and travel to these countries, RN.

Cheese and chocolate in Switzerland

Swiss chocolates are something to die for

Swiss chocolates are something to die for Image: THINKSTOCK

What can be better than snow and chocolates? Well, that's more of a statement than a query. When you are in Switzerland, Maison Cailler is the place to explore. This is also the oldest milk chocolate brand. Do take a tour of the walled medieval cheese village of Gruyeres and a raclette tasting at the 16th century, Chateau de Villa. 

Wrap 'n roll in Paris

Sweet rolls, anyone?

Sweet rolls, anyone? Image: THINKSTOCK

Enjoy your breakfast with a chocolate croissant. Pain au chocolat, a type of viennoiserie sweet roll, is a must-eat for anyone travelling to Paris. Dining at the Eiffel Tower's Michelin-star fine diner, Le Jules Verne, will also give you a feel of the country's cuisine. 

Sample the streets of Mumbai

Mumbai's street food is heaven

Mumbai's street food is heaven Image: THINKSTOCK

When you travel to Mumbai, hit the streets right away. Start with the chaat, a collection of snacks that marries the crunchy and soft textures of puffed rice and crackers with the sweet, tart flavours of chutneys. Then there’s pav bhaji, a spiced mixed vegetable, fried with butter, and you’ve got to grab it with toasted buns served on the side. 

High tea in London

Sip your tea like the Queen

Sip your tea like the Queen Image: THINKSTOCK

If you're a Starbucks person, get yourself to London. High tea is expensive but it’s worth doing, just to experience what flour and butter can be when baked to their highest expression and topped with a dollop of the richest, sweetest cream and fresh berry jam. London’s hotels, restaurants and cafes have the world’s best spread when it comes to high tea. 

Slurp soup dumplings in Beijing

It's one of the best in China

It's one of the best in China Image: THINKSTOCK

Beijing is delicacy’s hometown. The delicious dumplings are served in a flavourful broth on the streets of China. Some might call these the best in China, but trying a variety and arguing about it is half the fun. 

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