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4 Instagram accounts which talk about mental health with memes

Your anxiety is not a joke — but it is a meme. And it helps

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 21 May 2018, 2:35 PM
Same, dude. Same

Same, dude. Same Image: Instagram/Binny Debbie

Insta-wallowing is now a real state of being — it comprises of you on a toilet scrolling through your Instagram feed, as your downward spiral gets more and more detectable. Okay, that's not true — you don't have to be on the toilet. You can be anywhere.

The Royal Society of Public Health released a survey last year, which claimed that Instagram is the most detrimental app for mental health. The study also concluded that millennials who spend more than two hours a day on social media are more likely to experience psychological distress.

Two hours?!! Lolol. Add a zero, and that might sound more relatable. And since Instagram clearly makes you sadder, some Insta users are taking matters into their own hands, and getting very real about mental health.

A number of Insta accounts like  @tmifw and @binchcity and @FilthyRatBag are using memes to address the debilitating mental health of an entire generation. Expect some very real feels as you go through some of them, because we gotta warn you. These meme pages are not here to play.

Filthy Rat Bag

Melbourne-based artist Celeste Mountjoy's Instagram account has 252 thousand followers, so she also started selling prints and tattoo passes. So you can put up your anxiety on your walls — that's actually a great idea. Excuse us as we go order one.

But her page features some stellar original illustrations, not just meme-able stock photos or viral threads. Her posts deal with everything, from loneliness, body issues, to drinking problems — also known as the blockbuster adulting trifecta.


Her starter pack memes are next-level, and Binny Debbie probably knows it. She also sells her stuff online, and we found some great 'Give me space' tee-shirts and 'not killing myself' stickers. Binny has also often addressed about her own mental health journey through her work and has amassed 147,000 followers.


This page is more of a personal meme diary, and it has more than 42,000 followers. "I honestly think joking about my mental illness has given me more insight into it. But take care of yourself. If you're able to see a therapist, do so. Start prioritising your mental health. Mental illness isn't a death sentence, it's just an annoying binch that lives inside your head that you can learn to make peace with," she wrote once.

She also has a lot of Kardashian memes, for some reason. And you know what? It helps.


'90s sarcasm? Check. Self-esteem jokes? Check. Lindsay Lohan? Check. Angsty Fair is making the most of Instagram and the meme rage and her work is very original. This account is not just about mental issues, but also about well-being and often addresses aesthetic development.

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