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3 things to keep in mind while planning a destination wedding

Here's how you can get hitched and slay a cool vacation all in one-go with these tips

Arpita Kala 24 April 2017, 8:13 PM
Here's how you can convert D-day into a kickass vacay for everyone.

Here's how you can convert D-day into a kickass vacay for everyone. Image: Kunal Khanna/White Frog Productions

With a royal vibe in a palace in Jaipur or by the seaside in Maldives — destination weddings are a cool idea to get hitched and make the wedding a glorious trip for your guests. Though, apart from the usual shaadi shopping for wardrobe and jewellery, you may also have to devote enough time to come up with an exciting itinerary and keep a constant check on guests while planning a destination wedding, say experts. So, we got wedding pros, Kunal Rai from Tamarind Global and Pooja Ghai of Tranquiil Weddings, to spill deets about 3 things you need to keep in mind while getting hitched away from home-turf.

Pick the right destination

Kunal Khanna
Image: Kunal Khanna/White Frog Phoductions

While you and your to-be-wifey/hubby may have grand plans to tie the knot on the highest peak in Ladakh, the idea may not sit well with many of your guest. Apart from good accessibility, flight connectivity and infrastructure, keep in mind the health issues of your nearest and dearest to pick a destination that is comfortable for all. Also choose a hotel that has enough rooms to accommodate all the guests as well as many indoor and outdoor venues. If not, do choose a location with another hotel nearby that can accomodate the rest of the guests so that they don't miss out on the festivities.

Be a RSVP-nazi

Image: Kunal Khanna/White Frog Phoductions

For all destination weddings, RSVP is the most important thing. Be prepared to face last-minute inclusions and cancellations. So,make sure to insist on getting an RSVP by a specific deadline and also take out time to make personalised calls, messages and follow-ups to keep the wedding on schedule. 

Itinerary is a must

Image: Kunal Khanna/White Frog Phoductions

While you may be busy with the wedding, do keep enough spare time to relax and chill. Destination weddings can be utilised to explore a new place. So, the itinerary must be planned in such a manner that time should be balanced out equally. The guests should be involved in some activity or the other as well as get some free time to relax. Plan sight-seeing activities between functions if you don't want your guests to be bored sitting in their room and doing nothing. Make sure to share the detailed itinerary with them too.


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