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20-year-old artist Sarah Naqvi tells you how to smash patriarchy

From gender stories to menstruation, racism to GST, this Indian girl is scoffing at stereotypes, one NSFW artwork at a time

Jayeeta Mazumder 10 July 2017, 5:17 PM
Sarah Naqvi is having none of your 'I'm-so-offended' talks

Sarah Naqvi is having none of your 'I'm-so-offended' talks Image: Instagram

Body-shamed for being too skinny? Told off because you don’t hush up when talking about periods in public? We feel you, girl. Welcome to the club where you’re cornered all day everyday for speaking your mind. But artist Sarah Naqvi will have none of it. The 20-year-old Indian artist has taken up the cudgels to smash patriarchy with her artworks. Oh, and they are just what you need to make your Monday, or any day really.



One look at her Instagram page and you’ll know what to expect of this spirited artist. In an interview with Vagabomb, Sarah said, “I've always been a strong supporter for the cause but when I began working on the lines of body positivity and feminism, I was mostly driven by how little we know of the issues and the fact that the statistics say nothing about body image issues in India. It is one thing to know that there is a problem and then work towards it, and another to not even know it exists. I was really inspired by Shirin Neshat and Ghada Amer, mostly because their work is so much more than just a medium of expression. It's liberating."



Bleed out #LahuKaLagaan

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A textile design student at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Sarah also has an opinion on politics around her. Just like you and me and every millennial out there.



How did this misogynistic racist fuck nugget come to power? #weneedhelp

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Naturally, Sarah turns a keen eye on the female body and the changes it goes through. So, from sanitary pads and tampons to messages of body positivity, you’ll find her voice loud and clear.



Sarah is also just a regular millennial trying to make sense of things happening around her. A lot like us, no? And that makes her extremely relatable too.



About Yesterday👄 #Regram Credits_ Boby and Karen❤

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Much of Sarah’s work serves as stunning visual treats as they do to serve clapback to patriarchy. It’s only natural that Sarah celebrates femininity in all its glory. Too bad if you find that offensive.

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