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#ZingaatRuined, and Tweeple have some interesting reactions to the fiasco


Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 28 June 2018, 1:52 PM
#ZingaatRuined. Need we say more?

#ZingaatRuined. Need we say more? Image: Twitter

Where should we start with Zingaat Hindi? It is still a high-octane number with wonderful danceable beats, but if you ever had the chance to watch or listen to the original from Sairat, you will know that the Hindi version is a mockery in the garb of a tribute.

For starters, Rajasthan has its own amazing folk beats and wouldn't need to borrow Lavni beats that are essentially Maharashtrian. Hence, a boy and girl romancing in the picturesque city of Udaipur breaking into a Lavni number is just bizarre. Plus, what's with the flashmob-style and why can't Bollywood ever get out of it? Are choreographed dances more important than realness? So, we have Sairat's Akash Thosar's impromptu jives on one hand, and Dhadak's Ishaan Khattar's dab dance on the other, where, of course, the entire community and Janhvi Kapoor join in (from the balcony, cuz originality). And while both are really good at what they're doing, when you see the original number, you know why Ishaan loses.

And then there's the costume — complete with a Maganlal Dresswala recall and 50 tons of makeup — the choreographed dance's nasty cousin, that ruins whatever else was left to ruin. The only way Karan Johar can justify the amount of makeup on Janhvi is if it's an Asian Paints product placement deal. 

We aren't the only ones disappointed. #ZingaatRuined legit trended on Twitter yesterday soon after the song was released. There were a few (very few) who praised the new song, but most believed that it had totally destroyed the original.

Take a look: 

Original vs remake (and these are endless)

Even Modi ji agrees

Are you convinced or should we go on? 

Okay the last one, we promise

Tweeple have also been seen vomiting blood, poking their eyes out, jumping off buildings and, at the very least, weeping their hearts out after they watched the song.

Phew! These are hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. But we assure you that THE best reaction came from the (hand of) God, Maradona. 

*mic drop*

PS: Here's the ORIGINAL. You're welcome

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