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Zero first look review: Honey, Bollywood shrunk Shah Rukh Khan, but messed up the VFX

Somewhere out there, Kamal Haasan's Appu Raja is judging you...

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 1 January 2018, 10:56 PM
Shah Rukh Khan in Zero

Shah Rukh Khan in Zero Image: Twitter

After hours of suspense building, Shah Rukh Khan's 'dwarf' film has a name and a first look. The Aanand L Rai film has been titled Zero, and features SRK as a dwarf — well, he is supposed to be playing a dwarf. But honestly, that just looks like a miniature SRK — with botched up VFX.

Director Aanand L Rai has strong objections with the word 'dwarf', but let's use that term since that's what Shah Rukh is supposed to be playing. But it doesn't work — it really doesn't work. For starters, Zero gets the graphic manipulations spectacularly wrong.

Zero's Shah Rukh looks like somebody just shrunk him and applied some clumsy VFX. The film was said to be heavily VFX-reliant, with multiple cameras and chroma screens set up all around a particular shot. But the end result looks very messed up — and somewhere out there, Kamal Haasan's Appu Raja is judging Team Zero.



The first look has SRK dancing his way through the 1-minute teaser, and will make you want to scream at your laptop screens, about how Zero messes up the physicalities of a dwarf. Aanand L Rai had maintained that he does not want to call SRK a dwarf in Zero — just a short man. May be he saw through the messy VFX, and knew people wouldn't buy it.



SRK storms into the teaser in a white vest and then changes into a jacket sporting the face of leading lady Katrina Kaif, and then into a three-piece suit — no amount of clothing or the lack of it, could hide the amateurish CGI. Bollywood really has no execuse for poor graphics, in the post-Baahubali era. And while, Appu Raja blazed through the technically-challenged '90s, SRK's Zero probably won't.

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