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You are not alone, even Kangana Ranaut was called 'mental' and 'psycho' for being different

Kangana's film Mental Hai Kya aims at breaking the stigma around non-conformists, people who dare to be 'different'

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 10 March 2018, 6:09 PM
Kangana Ranaut dares to be different, so can you

Kangana Ranaut dares to be different, so can you Image: Fotocorp

Being different has its share of pros and cons. You are either called cool or are labelled 'mad'. Well, the chances of being called the latter are higher. More often than not, rather than taking such jibes and criticism in our stride while breaking stereotypes, we end up being bogged down by unwarranted judgments.

But take heart, you are not the only one who has been mocked for being different. B-Town's Queen, Kangana Ranaut, too,  has had similar experiences in the past. The actor was often called 'psycho' or 'mental' for not fitting in, for not conforming to the standards set by others in the film industry.

"The way my life unfolded in the past few years, I realised there was so much stigma attached to being different. 'Mental' or 'psycho' were the terms used to shame me, but these can't be used casually as swear words," she told Mid-Day.


After years of name calling, she intends to break the stigma around being different in her upcoming film Mental Hai Kya. Kangana feels that individuality should be celebrated, and that's why she decided to do the film. "When this script came along, I knew I had to do it to break the stigma around it. High time we made individuality aspirational," the Queen actor was quoted in the report. 

Individuality or being different from others is often equated to madness — whatever we don't understand, we tend to label as 'insane' or 'mad' behaviour. This is something that the film wishes to address.

Besides Kangana, the film also stars her Queen co-star Rajkummar Rao.   

We hope Kangy delivers another kickass performance in this film and manages to break some more stereotypes. After all, it's anything but funny to make fun of those who don't fit into our perceptions of what's normal and what's not, right?

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