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Why should one giggle at the mention of sanitary pads or periods, asks Konkona Sen Sharma

This happened at a recent event when Koko was asked about her stand on sanitary pads coming under the purview of GST, and condoms not

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 28 June 2017, 8:15 PM
Konkona feels there shouldn't be taboo round women's issues

Konkona feels there shouldn't be taboo round women's issues Image: YouTube

After being embroiled in controversies for a rather long time, battling a proper release in India, Lipstick Under My Burkha (LUMB) finally has a release date — July 21. And it was only natural for the director, producers and the entire cast to come together to celebrate the moment along with the launch of the second trailer of the film. While the media turnout was massive with everyone cheering the film for its bold message, a particular incident left Konkona Sen Sharma quite miffed. But knowing the gritty woman she is, Koko handled the situation tactfully, without letting things turn ugly.


During the media Q and A round, a journalist threw a question to the cast about GST, which will be levied nationally July 1 onwards. He asked, “What are your thoughts on the fact that sanitary pads are being taxed as a luxury item?” to which the entire conference room broke into an awkward giggle. Konkona swiftly took the mic and pointed out how the entire room was lauging at the mention of a sanitary pad, which further proves that there's a taboo around talking about women's issues. “I'd just like to point out how all of you laughed at the mere mention of periods and sanitary pads. I don't know why adults are laughing when such an important question is being raised. We talk about toothbrush, toilet paper, toothpaste but the moment sanitary napkin comes, we all go 'haw sanitary napkins' like we are in school,” she said.

Clearly upset with the whole incident, Konkona concluded by clarifying her stand on the issue, and said, “Coming back to the question, periods are a normal bodily function, not a luxury. And if you don't have any control over your bodily function, how can it be taxed under luxury goods?”  

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