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When to move on? Fawad Khan has some career advice for you

Sometimes, knowing when to stop is more important than chasing one's dreams

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 10 March 2018, 6:07 PM
Fawad Khan was last seen in Karan Johar's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Fawad Khan was last seen in Karan Johar's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Image: Facebook

Things don't always go according to plan in life, right? You may have planned to become a pilot but you're stuck being an aeronautical engineer. Not that that's half as bad, it's just not something you wanted.

Of course, chasing your dreams and aspirations is a must. 'Don't give up!' is what we tell ourselves every day as we keep pushing ourselves to go that extra mile. But what if we tell you that knowing when to stop and move on is equally, if not more, important? 

Well, it sure did seem to have worked for Fawad Khan. Fawad has a steady fan following in both Pakistan and in India thanks to his work in Pakistani television and Bollywood. But turns out he hated television and didn't even want to get into it. Instead, he was trying for Hollywood.







That's right. Even before Bollywood — in the form of Khoobsurat (2014) with Sonam Kapoor — happened to him, he was auditioning for Hollywood projects. One of his old interviews to Siddyblogs recently resurfaced online, which has the actor talking about how he waited for eons for a callback from a Hollywood casting director, only to convince himself to let go and move on to television. 

"I went for an audition for a film and the director sort of you know locked me and she was like you’re the one I like. She gave me one scene then gave me another then another. Towards the end, I had given screen tests for like 6-7 scenes and I was like, ‘This is getting serious'," said the actor. He waited a year for a callback and finally picked up the phone to find out for himself and was told to be patient. 







Back home, responsibilities were piling on, his family was dependent on him and he was almost broke. And that's when he made the tough call to move on. Although he hated his time there, television eventually gave him the popularity that helped him bag his first Bollywood film, and then another. 

So did Fawad kill his Hollywood dreams? We guess not. And we guess it's still a possibility. What he simply did was take a detour and prioritise his responsibilities. He didn't give up his dreams, he just found another, perhaps longer, but perhaps surer path to his goal. And that's a lesson we all need.

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