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When Jackie Shroff turned cop to rescue Lucknowites from terrible traffic

If there's traffic congestion in your neighborhood, who are you gonna call? Apna 'Bhidu' Jaggu Dada!

Nanda Das @nanda1das 24 July 2018, 4:47 PM
Jackie is currently shooting for his next film in Lucknow

Jackie is currently shooting for his next film in Lucknow Image: Fotocorp

Jackie Shroff made a Bollywood career out of taking the law in his own hands to set wrongs right on the screen, and it seems the habit has stuck with the actor even in real life. Lucknow residents saw the 61-year-old Bollywood actor directing traffic near the city's Rumi Darwaza or Rumi Gate in order to clear up the traffic congestion in the area.

Shroff was reportedly in Lucknow shooting for his upcoming movie Prassthanam, a remake of a Telugu film, when his SUV got stuck in traffic. Instead of waiting for the traffic to untangle itself like us ordinary mortals, Shroff jumped out of his car and took up the mantle of a traffic cop to clear the way for himself and the other commuters.

Witnesses posted the video of the incident, which soon went viral. Jaggu Dada himself posted a video on his social media account and confirmed it was indeed him in the role of the saviour.

"Lucknow Traffic Control...," he captioned the footage. 

The act struck a chord with many of his fans and social media users, who applauded the Ram Lakhan star for his proactive behaviour.

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