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We need to talk about the messed up Game of Thrones timelines. Can it just be sloppy writing?

How was Jaime at King's Landing and High Garden in the same episode?

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 3 August 2017, 8:59 PM
Where 'Arya' headed GoT?

Where 'Arya' headed GoT? Image: Twitter

Dear GoT makers we have let you get away with stuff for far too long. But we need to address the absolute lack of time and space continuum on Game of Thrones. Remember, when Varys travelled from Mereen to Dorne in an absurdly convenient time frame, and then joined Daenrys Targaryen's armada to Westeros? Or when and Arya Stark popped up at Riverlands in Season 6? The makers are still being terribly scattered with the timelines, and we need to address the issue.

Fans have pointed out that makers are suddenly super aware of the lack of time on their hands, and are obviously rushing things (because GoT is ending after the next season). But bringing Jon Snow to Dragonstone to Winterfell like a friggin bird is not done. "Jon making the Winterfell-Dragonstone trip faster than Bran made the Wall-Winterfell trip! Seriously?" tweeted a very observant fan.

It took Sansa Stark and Brienne of Tarth a span of three episodes to reach Castle Black from Winterfell, and both of them are in the Far North. We are not saying distance and time on GoT can be measured by episodes,  but how else do you explain the series of events? The distance between the realms is one of the most unwavering factor of the GoT universe, and dismissing that is the stupidest things the makers could have done.

"Every possible series of events is happening all at once," Peter Baelish tells Sansa Stark. The makers use this line, as a way of making up for their sloppy itinerary-making skills. How else can you explain Lady Olenna being at Dragonstone in the second episode, and already comfortably hanging around in High Gardens in the third? Meanwhile, Jaime Lannister has traversed the distance between King's landing and High Garden over the course of three scenes - in one single episode. C'mon, people, get sharp.

Within the time it took Arya to reach North from Riverlands, a number of events should have been taken place. And yet, it appears as if she took a quick lap on her horse. And don't even get us started on Euron Greyjoy. Just because someone has a fleet, does not mean he can travel east, west and south like a raven. It takes a long time to sail, people. 

So, is there a teleportation device involved somewhere? After Bran's time loop thing, nothing is impossible in GoT-verse. Or maybe, some of the people are Time Lords. Or maybe the writers overestimated their ability to manage juggle multiple timelines. Who's to say?

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