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#WaybackWednesday: Start your cardio early boys, if you want to look like Ranveer Singh

Gym. Class. Today

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 16 May 2018, 3:25 PM
Ranveer's got his swag on

Ranveer's got his swag on Image: Fotocorp

We all want that perfect summer bod. Yet that perfect body seems to always evade us. No matter what we try, it's always out of our reach. But what if we tell you we've cracked the code on this one. You wanna look like Ranveer Singh aka Allauddin Khilji? We know how you can.

It's simple. Hit the gym. Start your cardio early. Like really, really early. Maybe when your favourite television channel is still Cartoon Network. Oh, did we miss the bus there? Oh well. But Ranveer sure didn't.

Ranveer, whose name is now accepted in the Oxford Dictionary as a synonym of 'quirky,' recently shared a throwback picture of himself on the exercise cycle in what looks like a home gym. Mind you, these are very retro gym equipment, so the thing you see on the left is a treadmill, and on the right is a fat burner/vibrator. And now you know just how much we've evolved since the Neanderthal nineties! 

Kid or not, Ranveer seems to have his fashion game on point, too. And he doesn't seem to stop shocking us with sartorial choices. This time, he's opted for a rather breezy summer outfit, err, his bare basics. He's rocking it with some attitude there, we must say. Can you see his intense expression?

Too bad he was too poor growing up though. He could only afford one European holiday a year and a home gym with just three fitness equipment. Tch tch. 

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