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Uday Chopra tried helping trolls, and Tweeple couldn't help but troll him back

Better luck next time, Uday

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 30 June 2018, 3:34 PM
Point is, Uday will get trolled no matter what. Period.

Point is, Uday will get trolled no matter what. Period. Image: Fotocorp

Uday Chopra's tweets are so bizarre that they are pure magic. So what if his luck didn't favour him in Bollywood, on Twitter he is an out-and-out Badshah (of lame jokes). This time around, he came up with his take on trolls, and as usual, trolls couldn't help but troll him back.

The Twitter guru feels the microblogging site should have verified accounts for trolls so that people who get trolled don't feel bad. Well, looks like he wants to make things easier for himself. After all, Uday is trolls' favourite.

"I feel @Twitter should start new verified accounts for trolls. If u are a verified troll u get a red check mark on ur profile. This will create harmony in the troll community as trolls will have something to work towards and non-trolls will at least know who a troll is. Thoughts? " he tweeted.

He didn't stop there. "This will also further benefit normal users because getting trolled by a verified troll will carry less psychological weight; as one will feel, that since it’s a verified troll trolling me, it’s not so bad. @Twitter" he added.

And BAM. The troll-a-thon started.

Uday being Uday, gave it back in his own way.

And here's what trolls had to say to that.

Better luck next time, Uday.

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