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Two totally uncool things that happened at Sonam Kapoor's otherwise oh-so-cool wedding

Sonam's wedding could have taken the cake for being the coolest ever, but for an aunty who played spoilsport with her love for stereotypes

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 9 May 2018, 2:08 PM
Sonam was given a few lessons in being the sanskari bahu by an aunt who had no chill whatsoever

Sonam was given a few lessons in being the sanskari bahu by an aunt who had no chill whatsoever Image: Fotocorp

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's big fat Punjabi wedding was phenomenal. But the otherwise fun wedding had a few uncool moments courtesy a certain aunty ji, who had some sansakari sermons to deliver.  *yawn*

Now we all know how you can't stop desi aunties from giving out gyaan. Their 'bol bachchan' tendency goes a notch higher during social occasions. "Do this, do that, don't do this, don't do that'— now that's what a typical aunty does. Sonam's wedding also had one such aunty in attendance. While the Kapoor girl was having a ball on her D-day, aunty ji took the onus on herself to curb Sonam's exuberance and make her behave like the typical sanskari bahu. *eye-roll*

A video has caught our attention where Sonam is being corrected by this aunty who just couldn't keep her nose where it belonged — on her face, and out of others' business.

Now tell us what's wrong with calling your significant other 'babu'? Yaa, mushy it surely is, but all is fair in love, isn't it? But looks like aunty ji had problems with the way Sonam addressed Anand, calling him 'babu' while putting the garland around his neck.  "Aap bolo aap", lectured aunty ji, forgetting this is 2018, and not 1802.

Sonam, who was way too engrossed in Anand, couldn't care any less. Very sweetly, she gave in to aunty ji's sermon and addressed Anand as 'aap'.

But no, aunty ji didn't stop there. She had more sanskari gyaan coming. When Sonam asked Anand to put the garland around her neck in a certain way, she took the bride to task — asking her to stop directing Anand. "Stop giving directions, Sonam," said the pesky aunty. Thankfully, Anand came to Sonam's rescue and cut her short, saying, "I asked her, aunty". But could he silence aunty ji? Nope, she had a comeback ready. "Bada protective ho raha hai," aunty replied sarcastically. *cringe*

All we would like to say is, 'shanti mere aunty', and roll our eyes in disbelief.

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