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Tiger Shroff's mom Ayesha and sister Krishna break their silence on Ram Gopal Varma's mean tweets

On his birthday, Tiger Shroff was the target of Ramu's boorish tweets. Breaking their silence on the issue, Tiger's mom and sister are as perplexed as we are about his mindless rant

Nanda Das @nanda1das 6 March 2017, 9:50 PM
RGV has been trolled often on Twitter for his crass, senseless tweets regarding other celebrities

RGV has been trolled often on Twitter for his crass, senseless tweets regarding other celebrities Image: Fotocorp

Ram Gopal Varma has tormented us not only with movies like Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag, but also with his classless, at times absolutely crass, tweets about other celebs. Right from Karan Johar to the Obamas, Ramu recently has had all the time to make senseless remarks about them on social media, along with making a barrage of mindless films. He has also been trolled often on Twitter for his insensitive, insensible remarks. But Ramu refuses to learn his lesson and keeps finding new targets for his mindless tweets, the latest being Tiger Shroff.

Birthdays are special occasions meant for conveying love and good wishes. But RGV, being the man he is, decided to wish Tiger on his 27th birthday with a super-mean, boorish tweet. While Tiger and Jackie (who, incidentally, is working with Ramu in Sarkar 3) maintained their silence on the issue, Ayesha Shroff, Tiger's mom, and sister Krishna, in a recent interview, expressed their displeasure at RGV's mindless rant.


Ayesha told DNA, "I was taken aback at the nastiness of his (Ramu’s) rant. It didn’t upset Tiger one bit. I don’t understand what the whole rant was about in the first place. What triggered it off?" Tiger's mom also said that the Shroff family has nothing to say against Ramu, but at the same time she doesn't really understand why terms like 'gay' are still being used to define one's style. Talking about diverse personal and artisitic expressions, she said, "To me, a real man is one who knows how to treat a woman with respect and I have two in my life — Jackie and Tiger.”

Refusing to waste her time on "pointless negativity", Krishna said she is extremely protective of Tiger, but only when she needs to be so. As for RGV's tweets, the entire matter is no more than a big joke for her. "Tiger’s birthday was such a positive and happy day, I honestly laughed when I read Ramu’s tweets. Sounded like a big joke to me and wasn’t worth my time or energy. Do I think mocking Tiger was fair? To each their own," she said. Krishna, too, laid out her definition of a real man, one who is respectful and kind to all, adding, "So in that case, Tiger is the ultimate man!"

What stirred the hornet's nest was RGV's absolutely tasteless tweet on Tiger's birthday. "@iTIGERSHROFF U are great at martial arts but if BRUCE LEE ever posed like a bikini babe like u he wouldn't hav bcm BRUCE LEE..Please think," he wrote.

After comparing Tiger to the famous martial artist and actor, RGV started bullying the young actor in a series of tweets. He even went on to tweet that Tiger should take a lesson or two in machoism from his dad Jackie.  "@iTIGERSHROFF Please learn machoism from @bindasbhidu who even without martial arts poses more like a man and never like this," he posted.

And he didn't stop there. He even dragged in his one-time muse Urmila Matondkar into the whole circus, saying that real men do not pose in "a Urmilaish way," whatever that's supposed to mean. "@ITigershroff Truly real men like Bruce Lee  and @bindasbhidu don't ever pose in a Urmilaish way," he tweeted.

However, the Satya director later apologised to Jackie, saying all his tweets regarding Tiger were made in jest and he should convey the same to Ayesha. He even said that he tweeted all this as one of Jackie's ardent fans. Some fandom this is!

RGV also apologised to Tiger on Twitter, writing, "@iTIGERSHROFF I apologise if my tweets were offensive .Am great fan of martial arts n since u ar best wanted to see u intense @bindasbhidu." Don't miss the use of the word 'if'; Ramu seems to be unsure whether his tweets were at all offensive or not.

Guess RGV was suffering from a tweeting diarrhoea, as he didn't stop with apologies to Jackie, Ayesha and Tiger himself. He wanted to prove his goodwill towards Tiger by wanting to click some pics of his, failing which he wanted to be kicked by the Baaghi actor. Go figure.

Even though Tiger's mom can't figure out what spurred the Twitter rant and his sister finds it a laughing matter, we surely are pretty serious about Ramu's fast-slipping sanity. We hope the aag in his brain is doused soon and he spends less time in nonsensical stuff, both on Twitter and on celluloid.


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