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This woman's prison banned Game of Thrones books for the weirdest reason ever

The folks over at Maryland Correctional Institution for Women need an HBO subscription

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 7 July 2018, 2:38 PM
Wait, what?

Wait, what? Image: Twitter

Of all the unbelievable reasons a prison has to ban Game of Thrones, this is the unlikeliest. For real.

According to a report in The Marshall Project, the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women does not allow the George RR Martin fantasy series in the prison grounds because they have maps in them.

Of Westeros, mind you.

Kimberly Hricko, who's serving a life sentence for first-degree murder and arson in the Maryland Institution, wrote about the weird rules in the prison, which state no cash, no greeting cards, and no Game of Thrones inside the premises.

“(The) Game of Thrones book was withheld because it contained maps. Maps are contraband. I guess I won’t be escaping to Westeros!" she wrote in her report.

We'll admit that a prison is not known for its reasonable regulations — we have all seen Orange is the New Black. *shivers*

But what exactly can an inmate do with a map of Westeros? Where can they go? 

Prisons in Pennsylvania have a blanket ban on maps as they can be used as a means of escape. But we feel like someone should point out to them that a map of the seven realms does not do the prisoners any good.

Hricko also writes that pictures of alcohol are banned in the prison. In fact, pictures of her daughter's wedding were taken away as they had booze in them.

But the ban on the map of Westeros is still the biggest whopper. We feel like the Maryland warden needs to get an HBO subscription ASAP. 

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