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This is our Benedict Cumberbatch appreciation post. You're welcome, ladies

Thank you Bae-nedict, for all these things (see what we did there?)

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 19 July 2018, 2:12 PM
It's his birthday, it's his birthday, it's his birthdaayyyy

It's his birthday, it's his birthday, it's his birthdaayyyy Image: AFP

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch – when the name is so royal and classy, how can we expect anything less from the man himself? Words actually fall short while describing this man, but we will at least try to come up with some sensible mumblings strung together.

Fangirling level is 101 or above right now because it is his birthday, and keeping calm is not an option for Cumbergirls. From theatre to motion pictures to being a versatile voice artiste, Benedict has a mindblowing body of work. For someone who is a great mix of cute, hot and charming, Ben has triggered a worldwide fandemonium.

On his birthday, we'd like to appreciate God's wonderful creation that this man is. So...

Damn, yeah!

Damn, yeah! GIF: Giphy

Dear Benedict, 

Thank you for gifting us great movies, some characters that we could never ever see portrayed by anyone else but you. Be it William Pitt (Amazing Grace) or Peter Guillam (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) or Khan Noonien Singh (Star Trek Into Darkness) or William Carey (The Other Boleyn Girl), you are simply brill.

Thank you for residing in our mind palace and being the best Sherlock ever. Sorry, Robert Downey Jr, we have to pick him. You've appealed to our inner detectives and upon every watch, we have fallen in love with Sherlock all over again, all thanks to you. While we can watch it on Netflix anytime, we are also looking forward to watching you on the TV screen every weekend on AXN at 11pm in order to celebrate your birthday.

Sherlock raises an eyebrow. Fans faint

Sherlock raises an eyebrow. Fans faint GIF: AXN

Thank you for nailing biopics/documentaries and being our Stephen Hawking (Hawking), Julian Assange (The Fifth Estate), Alan Turing (The Imitation Game) and Thomas Edison (The Current War).

Benedict as Stephen Hawking

Benedict as Stephen Hawking GIF: Giphy

Thank you for having amazing voice modulation skills. One minute you're deadly Smaug (The Hobbit series) and in the next, you're dutiful Classified (Penguins of Madagascar). 

And you're Ben

And you're Ben GIF: Giphy

Thank you for saving half the universe by seeing 'the only way' in the 14 million outcomes in Avengers: Infinity War. We felt a bit strange and are still feeling the same, can the Doctor see us now?

Dr Stephen Strange saves the universe

Dr Stephen Strange saves the universe GIF: Giphy

Thank you for teaching us how to mispronounce penguins and still be cute.

Pengwings sounds cute

Pengwings sounds cute GIF: BBC One

Thank you for showing us how you can basically seduce a cup of tea, too. Oh, the effect it had on us. Phew!

Thank you for doing on point celebrity impressions. Our fave, of course, is Tom Hiddleston's and Alan Rickman's. 

Thank you for the bromance with Tom Hiddleston (our other British muffin). 


Awww GIF: Giphy

Thank you for voicing your support for the LGBTQ community, migrants and various charities. And for being a vocal feminist.

Thank you for that smile. 



Thank you for having that perfect jaw.

And above all, thank you for existing, Mr Cumberbatch.

Thank you

Thank you GIF: Giphy

*sobs knowing we will never get a man like Benedict Cumberbatch, IRL*

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