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The Bollywood I know deserves more credit than we give it: Swara Bhaskar on Padmaavat open letter

Swara says the hatred she received for slamming the Sanjay Bhansali film came from social media, not the industry

Devlina Ganguly @DevlinaGanguly 18 February 2018, 7:39 PM
Swara stated in her open letter that she felt reduced to a vagina after watching Padmaavat

Swara stated in her open letter that she felt reduced to a vagina after watching Padmaavat Image: Facebook

Swara Bhaskar's open letter, criticising the glorification of jauhar in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat had created a furore on social media, with some netizens calling her out for her 'misplaced' views, and trolls baying for her blood. With the film's actors — Shahid Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh — defending SLB's magnum opus and taking sly digs at her, along with the social media brouhaha, Swara later clarified she had no malice in her heart when she penned down the letter. And despite what Dippy, Sasha, SLB and Ranveer had to say about her letter (where she stated she felt reduced to a vagina after watching the film), Swara feels Bollywood is not to be blamed for the backlash she faced.

In an interview to Mid-Day, Swara said the hatred she received for slamming the depiction of jauhar in the film came from social media, and not the industry. "The Bollywood I know deserves more credit than we give it, because the hatred I received for writing that letter came from social media users, not the industry."

She also lauded the Hindi film industry for accepting her with open arms and giving her the 'space to thrive'. "Bollywood braves too much criticism. It has accepted me the way I am, and given me the space to thrive," she said.


Talking about the episode, Swara added that she didn't know she was so famous or her opinions mattered so much to people. However, she feels that since she has some very strong opinions, she has to be ready to be trolled for expressing them. "I didn’t even know that I was so famous, or my voice mattered this much. Although in a twisted, warped way, it did remind me of the reach I had. Fundamentally, I have fierce opinions. And if I have them, I must be prepared to deal with trolls," she was quoted in the report.

Talking about her B-Town counterparts, she said everyone in Bollywood is trying to stand up for one's rights, fighting their own battles, and hence the industry must never be blamed. "In Bollywood, however, everyone is only trying hard to hold their ground, despite all odds. So, this is not the industry that must be blamed," Swara said.

She also told the tabloid that these days she is a bit cautious about voicing her opnions as words are often twisted out of context. "I have to be careful about the things I say because it will be up for scrutiny. Words are twisted out of context to imply something else. This is also probably the reason behind artistes’ hesitation to back issues that they feel strongly about," she said.

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