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Sumeet Vyas takes our really random rapid fire

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Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 26 June 2018, 1:43 PM
T2 Interview
Sumeet was last seen in Veere Di Wedding

Sumeet was last seen in Veere Di Wedding Image: Facebook/Sumit Vyas

No matter what Sumeet Vyas does, he ends up giving us #boyfriendgoals. Case in point: Mikesh or Micky, the goofy boyfriend in TVF's Permanent Roommates, and the more recent example, Rishabh, the practical (perhaps the only one) guy in the Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Swara Bhasker starrer, Veere Di Wedding.

So, while half the audience wants him as a boyfriend, and the other half wants to be a boyfriend like him, it was only fair that when we caught up with Sumeet, our questionnaire ranged from dating woes to relationship advice.

Say hello to T2 Online's agony uncle for the day, and his really random advice, all gathered from real-life experiences.

What do you hate most about social media?
The fact that people feel the need to have an opinion. And I am not talking about trolls, I am talking about regular people. It has become fashionable to have an opinion. Facebook and Twitter have become a chai ki tapdi, basically where people gather around to discuss things from a stray dog to the American President. And they're all dead sure about whatever they have to say.

What are the chances of you getting trolled for the most harmless tweet ever?
Very high. If I start by saying 'I like potatoes', people will turn around and say 'Oh, he loves potatoes that means he hates non-vegetarian food, that means he is anti-Muslim, that means he's a radical.' And all I said was 'I like potatoes'.

The corniest pickup line ever used on you?
I wish someone had used one on me. No one ever has. 

Your first crush and how did you express yourself?
It was in school and the girl was slightly older than me, I could never tell her. In fact, because we were in the same group of friends, after two years she tied me rakhi. And that was the end of it.

What is the scariest thing about dating?
The fact that people think it's going to be the same forever. So, people want to go from the beginning to their happily ever after and skip the phase in between completely. Blame Hindi cinema, books, and all sorts of love stories for that. 

What would you advise people who're making this mistake?
Listen. And it's true for both men and women. When we talk to our partner, we're so engrossed in figuring out a response to what they're saying that we fail to understand what they are telling us. You can take your time to respond, first hear the person out.

Do you have a pre-performance ritual?
Not for film shoots but for theatre performances I do. I brush my teeth, I do a little prayer, I go on stage before the show starts when the theatre is empty and I touch each and every piece of furniture and the floor. You can say I'm a bit superstitious about it, I've been doing it for 18 years now. 

Have you ever been stood up?
Yes. It was the pre-Tinder era, when I was in college. I was chatting with this girl on Yahoo Messenger and we decided to meet at a certain place. I went there but she never turned up. Later, she told me that she came, saw me from afar, but felt that we wouldn't match, hence she left.

Which film will you watch: romantic, sci-fi, superhero or horror?

A film you recently watched and wished you were a part of?
Raazi. I really liked the film and I wish I was a part of it. And also Newton

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