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Star Trek scores first female director in more than half a century. Fascinating?

SJ Clarkson, who has helmed episodes for Jessica Jones and Bates Motel, is the first ever woman who will direct a Star Trek venture

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 28 April 2018, 6:12 PM
Hey Star Trek, what took so long?

Hey Star Trek, what took so long? Image: Twitter

Star Trek is finally getting a female director after 52 years of its inception. Jessica Jones director SJ Clarkson is reportedly set to direct the fourth Star Trek movie in the Abramsverse timeline, making series history for the beloved franchise. Trekkies of Twitter, of course, are celebrating the move, with some saying, "Took them long enough."

Star Trek has had 13 films and seven television series since its first outing with The Original Series (1966), and yet no venture of the science-fiction franchise has ever been helmed by a woman. According to a Variety report, Clarkson is set to direct the next instalment, tentatively titled Star Trek 4.

Clarkson's directing credits include Marvel TV series such as Jessica Jones and Defenders. She has also directed episodes for House, Dexter, Orange Is the New Black, and, most recently, the BBC Two and Netflix miniseries Collateral. 

Star Trek 4 will reportedly unite James Kirk (Chris Pine) with his father George Kirk in a time travel story arc. Interestingly, Clarkson isn't the only Marvel cred to be featured in the upcoming movie. The role of Kirk senior will be played by Thor star Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth's character was killed in the opening minutes of Star Trek 2009 reboot, the film which launched the Abramsverse timeline.

Trekkies all over the world took to Twitter to welcome Clarkson in the Star Trek universe. Though people are also very aware of the fact that half a century is too long for a franchise like Star Trek to get its first female helmer.

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