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Sonakshi Sinha slams Armaan Malik after his dig on actors trying to take up singing

It's a full on Twitter feud and you need to catch up

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 25 April 2017, 2:59 AM
Sonakshi is on fire on Twitter

Sonakshi is on fire on Twitter

From Salman Khan to Alia Bhatt, from Priyanka Chopra to Parineeti Chopra — Bollywood is full of actors trying their hands (or rather vocal chords) at singing. And all this multi-tasking has got singer Armaan Malik pretty miffed. The Besabriyan singer wants actors to leave the mic and stage to the singers. And this has got B-town's budding singing sensation Sonakshi Sinha quite mad.

It all started when Sufi sensation Kailash Kher, expressed his disappointment at Sonakshi's upcoming stint at Justin Bieber's Mumbai concert. "I read somewhere that a Canadian singer Justin Bieber is coming to India, and actress Sonakshi will perform at the gig. The news was cute, but quite a lie. It doesn't give a good message internationally," Kailash had said.

Armaan Malik
Armaan just got slammed by Sona (Image: Twitter)

Armaan agreed with Kailash's views on Twitter and wrote, "Agree with @Kailash kher sir! Actors are actors & singers are singers. Leave the stage & mic to us, that's our playground not yours."

"A secure artist would always encourage another artist to grow their skills and follow their dreams. Art in any form should not be suppressed," wrote back the fiesty Sonakshi. Interestingly, the Noor actor will launch her debut single at Bieber's Mumbai gig on May 10.

"And this is definitely not the same tune you were singing when you wanted me to sing for you," wrote Sonakshi to Armaan, who also sang the title track of her latest outing, Noor.

"I Agree with u Sonakshi.. but I voiced what I felt about how singers are shunned in our country & given lesser importance than actors!!" replied back Armaan, trying to calm things down. "You are mistaking me for Amaal Malik he is the composer :)" added the singer, referring to Sona's tweet.

"Of course I know Amaal is the composer but I clearly remember you both coming up to me after an event a while back asking to do a song together," Sonakshi replied. And Armaan had quite a spunky reply to that, as he wrote, "Yeh Noor. Wallah (which is a lyric to his own song, btw)"

Now, does Sonakshi has a clapback to that, wonder?

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