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Sona Mohapatra takes a dabangg dig at Sonakshi Sinha post Justin Bieber concert

Sona Mohapatra just belittled Sonakshi Sinha's singing on social media. Again

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 12 May 2017, 12:09 AM
Sona Mohapatra just won't leave Sonakshi Sinha alone

Sona Mohapatra just won't leave Sonakshi Sinha alone Image: Twitter

The war of the Sonas — Sona Mohapatra and Sonakshi Sinha — gets nastier. The Noor actor might have blocked Mohapatra on Twitter, but seems like the singer has set her eyes on Sona and she isn't going to spare her. After the Bieber concert fell flat, Sona took to Twitter to troll the Asli Sona. The singer quipped, " So maybe I was wrong after all @ArmaanMalik22. This wouldn't be a worthy stage for you. Best left to the 'actors' of singing." 


Mohapatra didn't stop there. She also trolled the Dabangg actor on Instagram. Talking about Bieber's lip-syncing camouflage on stage, Mohapatra took a dig at Sona saying,  "Maybe I was wrong after all. This would've been the absolutely perfect 'performance' stage for the 'actor' lip-syncers? 😅 My bad. Sorry, Sonakshi. The organisers who approached you knew better.🙏🏽 #wannabe #generation #fake#heroes #CheatingIsOK #Not #GiveMeSomeRealMUSIC #FuckThisFakeShit."


While Sonakshi hasn't gotten back to the singer yet, her response is eagerly awaited.


The spat between the ladies started off when Sonakshi Sinha snubbed Armaan Malik on Twitter. It so happened that Armaan and Kailash Kher shared their resentment against actors turning singers on Twitter in the wake of the news of Sonakshi participating in the Bieber concert. While Sonakshi later clarified that she wouldn't be participating in the concert, she engaged in a Twitter spat with Armaan. Throwing her weight behind Armaan, Sona Mohapatra also censured Sonakshi on Twitter, post which the actor blocked her on the social media platform.

But seems like Sona Mohapatra will not let go of Sonakshi Sinha easily.

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