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SNL round up: Peter Dinklage sketches will make you go ROFL

In a performance, the Game of Thrones baddie was Peter Drunklage, Bobby Moynihan's drunk alter-ego

Prabhjeet Singh Sethi 4 April 2016, 6:28 PM
Is Peter up to some mischief again?

Is Peter up to some mischief again? Image: Twitter

Peter Dinklage fans were in for a treat on Saturday Night Live's last episode. He hosted the show and left everyone in splits with his sketches. If you've missed out on the action, T2 Online brings to you a package to pump up your daily entertainment dose

1) Have you ever seen Peter sport a blonde wig? He sings about his space pants. Yup.



2) Remember your childhood comic character Winnie the Pooh? How difficult is it for you to believe that Peter simply rocked it in a Pooh avatar? 3) Bobby Moynihan has been around on SNL since 2008. And Peter pulls off Bobby's most sozzled impression ever. Peter, you rock. 4) Then Peter pulled the Space Pants joke a tad further. He made folks from the mafia sing. 5) Have you seen a celebrity version of Discovery's Naked and Afraid? Trust us, it cannot get better after you see Tyrion Lannister...err, Peter pull it off with Leslie Jones. Yes, he bared it all.


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