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Shraddha Kapoor makes fun of Jackie Shroff

Reason: An embarrassing past that's still haunting Jackie and his son Tiger. Read to know what

2 May 2016, 7:41 PM
Shraddha Kapoor has the last laugh as Tiger Shroff looks on

Shraddha Kapoor has the last laugh as Tiger Shroff looks on Image: Fotocorp

In 1989, when Jackie Shroff was a silver screen rage, he had shot a video for a polio campaign informing citizens of the drive scheduled for a certain date. While the advertisement is hardly remembered, what caught everyone's attention were the behind-the-scenes clips from the shoot, which went viral in 2012. It was a rather embarrassing video of Jackie in which he is seen mouthing the choicest of expletives in Hindi and Marathi on the sets. The unedited footage brought some rather unwanted limelight back on him, and guess who caught hold of it? Shraddha Kapoor, who just acted with his son Tiger in Baaghi. (Read: Baaghi Film Review: #EverybodyGoesKungFuFighting)

A source tells us that during the shoot of Baaghi, Shraddha would pull Tiger’s leg over his father’s polio video. “Shraddha called the video epic fun and thoroughly enjoyed embarrassing Tiger through the film’s shoot,” says the source. (Watch: Shraddha Kapoor tells us who her bae is)

It was, however, done in jest, so Tiger didn't seem to have taken any offence. But how embarrassed he must have been inside, we can all guess.

Source: Fat Cat Consulting and Media

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