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Salman Khan comes out in support of Jacqueline Fernandez's Ek Do Teen

Salman's tweet comes after the original makers of the song called the remake crass

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 22 March 2018, 5:30 PM
Salman speaks up in support of Jacky's Ek Do Teen

Salman speaks up in support of Jacky's Ek Do Teen Image: Facebook

Before the makers of the remixed version could count Ek Do Teen, Jacqueline Fernandez's homage to Madhuri Dixit's cult dance number stirred a hornet's nest. Not only have most fans trashed the number, but even the maker of Tezaab (1988) N Chandra had no kind words for it, calling it "crass beyond imagination". Saroj Khan, the choreographer of the original, and Chandra also threatened to take legal action against the makers of the new song. Oops! But there's someone in B-Town who has Jacky's back, and it's none other than Salman Khan.

Yes, not only did Salman praise the remastered version, he also congratulated Jacky for doing full justice to the song in her own way, while admitting that it's difficult to match up to Madhuri's magical moves.

Amid all the brouhaha regarding the song, Salman tweeted, "Loved d song, Jackie has done full justice 2 d legendary moves of Saroj khan difficult to match Madhuri. Nice 2 see Varun n Jackie to our songs makes us proud n keeps d songs alive n fans listening, dancing n having a blast. Makes me proud. Enjoy Karo !"






Though not direct, Salman's response seems to be a dig at Chandra's take on the Baaghi 2 song. After the song was released on Monday, Chandra told The Quint in an interview that he was informed of the new version by Saroj Khan at Sridevi's funeral. "I met Sarojji at Sridevi’s prayer meeting. It was there that Sarojji marched up to me to tell me about it," he was quoted as saying in the report.

Chandra further said the veteran choreographer was so pained by the new song that she had to vent out on such a solemn occasion. "Can you imagine how much it had upset her that she needed to vent at such a solemn occasion," he said. Talking about their interaction, he added, "Anyway, she came to me and said, 'Have you seen what they’re doing to our Ek Do Teen number?' I had no clue. Sarojji told me that the makers of Baaghi 2 were doing a new version of Ek Do Teen. She said she would take legal action against it," Chandra was quoted as saying.








Talking to news agencies, Chandra compared Jacky to Madhuri, saying that while the latter danced to the number with all "grace and innocence", the former had turned it into a "sex act". "I can’t believe they’ve done this to Ek Do Teen. It’s crass beyond imagination. And Jacqueline Fernandez doing Madhuri Dixit’s number? Give me a break! It’s like turning the Central Park into a botanical garden. Madhuri danced with such grace and innocence. This number is like a sex act," he fumed.





Though the original Ek Do Teen girl aka Madhuri hasn't yet given her take on the new song, Salman's tweet shows his unwavering support for his Kick and now Race 3 co-star.


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