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Oops, he does it again. Salman Khan casually fat-shames a 42-year-old woman, and here's what's wrong with that

Sorry Rakhi Sawant, we're giving the motor-mouth crown to Salman now

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 7 June 2018, 1:29 PM
Salman Khan's verbal diarrhoea is back

Salman Khan's verbal diarrhoea is back

Salman Khan, Bollywood's Bhaijaan and controversy's favourite child, has done it again. Well, he keeps doing a lot of things. But today we're talking about that uncontrollable mouth of his which lands him in murky waters, ALL THE TIME!

The 'humanitarian', who believes in Being Human, has once again displayed some not-so-humane behaviour that has upset people immensely. If his “felt like a raped woman, was so tired” comment while talking about shooting Sultan or violating a child's privacy to forcefully hug him was not enough, Salman has gone ahead and fat-shamed a woman contestant.

On the dance reality show Dance Deewane for Race 3 promotions, Salman not only made fun of 42-year-old Meenal Dhapre, but he also compared her to a ball. 

Meenal, who was on the show because of her talent, is a crazy Madhuri Dixit fan. Before her performance, she wanted to hug her icon. 

42-year-old Meenal Dhapre was on Dance Deewane

42-year-old Meenal Dhapre was on Dance Deewane Image: Colors

Madhuri happily complied and Meenal, in all excitement, ran towards the judge. Seeing that, Salman poked fun and said, “Aramse, kahin stage toot na jaye (Easy, the stage might break)”. The audience guffawed, so did the other celebrities on the panel. Umm, what?! No one found anything wrong with that? Oh wait, it's India. Such casual fat-shaming has been normalised by society.

Meenal was so over the moon that she, after hugging Madhuri, lost her balance and fell. Which again became a laughing point. Seriously, though! WTF was happening on that particular show?

Seeing the contestant and the dancing star's hearty banter, Salman asked if they knew each other. Meenal, unaware of being Bhaijaan's object of ridicule, said, “Choti jagah se aayi hoon, Sir (I am from a small town, Sir)”.

To make things worse, Salman took another jibe at her weight and had the guts to say, “Fit kaise hui aap uss choti jagah mein?” and grinned ear-to-ear. This 'man-child' has no chill, we tell you.

If you thought this was enough, wait till you hear what happened next. During the entire length of Meenal's performance on Mera Piya Ghar Aaya, Salman stood beside the stage. Reason? In his own words: “Main wahan isliye khada tha ki aap kahin phir se tappa khaaker gir gaye toh ( I was standing there because I thought what if you bounce and fall again).” Yeah, people, he compared her to a ball. *smh *

Everything on that episode was wrong on so many levels. People laughed it off because it was Salman the “wise-cracking” Khan, with a sense of humour higher than Mt Everest.

Dear Salman Khan, how is this okay? Just because you are fit-at-50 star, you think you can go around casually fat-shaming people? Oh wait, we think he doesn't know what that means. 

Netizens were miffed by Salman's insensitivity, yet again.

But what's the point of schooling him on sensitivity or sensibility? We wouldn't even attempt to. Cuz ammi jaan kehti thi, samjhao usko hi joh samajhna chahta ho (Because our moms used to say, explain it to only those who want to learn/understand). And we know it for a fact, Salman has zero effs and a hollow apology to give to people. Else, he wouldn't be going around “mistakenly” offending people.

Salman's sense of humour only appeals to Salman and his hardcore fans

Salman's sense of humour only appeals to Salman and his hardcore fans GIF: MakeAGIF

And what have we learnt from Salman's glorious career of three decades? That he has an incurable case of verbal diarrhoea that acts up whenever there's a film of his releasing. Enter Daddy Khan to clean up the mess his man-child creates.

So, now we're waiting for Salim Khan to apologise on his son's behalf, which is coming in 3... 2...1.

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