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Rishi Kapoor threw a bunch of journalists out of a book launch

Humility just died with Shashi Kapoor, and Rishi Kapoor is proof

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 16 December 2017, 7:05 PM
We're not even going to ask what's wrong with you!

We're not even going to ask what's wrong with you! Image: Fotocorp

Is it ironic that just weeks after the sad demise of cinematic icon Shashi Kapoor, his nephew Rishi Kapoor is in the news for lashing out at people? Well, it is not, for that is exactly what Chintu Kapoor does best. 

The recent incident was at the launch of his father, the veteran Raj Kapoor's biography, written by Rishi's sister Ritu Nanda, in Delhi. It was Raj Kapoor's 93rd birth anniversary, and to commemorate this day, all five of his children were present to launch the book.

While the publishers had a media event planned, Rishi was his nasty self as soon as he spotted a few journalists arriving at the venue. First, he asked, "Aap log kaun hai (Who are you guys)?" and when the reporters introduced themselves, Rishi  turned away murmuring, "Muft ki daaru (Free alcohol)." He later reportedly sent his personal security staff to have them thrown out. 

At this point, a representative from the publisher intervened and requested the hotel security to stop this, but in vain.

Trying to pacify the situation, the publisher then reportedly apologised to the journalists and requested them to come in once the event had begun. However, the journalists chose to leave the venue instead. 

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