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Ram Gopal Varma only regrets the tweet where he picked on Tiger Shroff for no reason

The Sarkar 3 filmmaker had called Tiger a 'transgender' in one of his tweets

T2 Online Newsdesk 31 May 2017, 7:28 PM
RGV and Kashyap collaborated for films such as Satya, Kaun? and Shool

RGV and Kashyap collaborated for films such as Satya, Kaun? and Shool Image: Fotocorp

Ram Gopal Varma might have burnt many a soul with his Twitter aag, but the man has no regrets whatsover about his oft offensive, at times totally nonsensical remarks. Except for one occasion where he directed his ire at newbie Tiger Shroff that is. After quitting the micro blogging site, RGV revealed that though he has already apologised to Tiger's parents Jackie and Ayesha for calling their son a 'transgender', he still feels sorry about it.


In an interview with The Times Of India, when Ramu was asked whether he had any regrets about his numerous controversial tweets, the Sarkar 3 director said, “None at all, except when I picked Tiger Shroff for no reason. I regret that. But what’s done is done."

Talking about his decision to quit Twitter, RGV clarified that he didn't bid adieu to the micro-blogging site because his tweets were creating controversies. Rather, he cited his addiction for it behind his exit. "I was living only in the Twitter world. I just wanted to change my world and that can only happen if I completely isolate myself," he said.

RGV also said that from going forward he would communicate through pictures and videos more than words. 

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