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Priyanka Chopra met Sansa Stark, and Netizens are flipping out over could-be sisters-in-law

Oh em geee!

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 6 July 2018, 1:14 PM
Priyanka Chopra went riding with the Jonas fam and Sansa Stark, of course

Priyanka Chopra went riding with the Jonas fam and Sansa Stark, of course Image: Twitter

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are definitely taking things to the next level. From low-key PDA to fam-jams to engagement rumours, Pee Cee and Nick are crossing relationship milestones way too quickly.

Now that the two are back in the States, they are hanging out together a lot. On the Fourth of July, that's America's Happy Birthday, the lovebirds went on a bike ride and engaged in cute PDA.

And guess who accompanied them? Sansa Stark, you guys! Along with other Jonas Bros — Joe, Kevin and Frankie — and respective boos and friends. 

Sansa aka Sophie Turner, who is dating and is engaged to Nick's brother Joe Jonas, and Pee Cee were basically twinning with white tee and denim shorts. Remember we told you that if Priyanka goes into the Jonas family, she and Sophie will be sisters-in-law? Damn, this will be a regular sight. 

Netizens basically flipped out seeing the pretty ladies hang together.

Dunno about you, but we are freaking out. We wonder if our desi girl got starstruck the first time she met Lady Sansa of Winterfell. But now they look so chill together.

If Pee Cee and Sophie become BFFs, then Priyanka and Arya Stark (Masie Williams) will be friends, too. Whoa! And then more GoTians. Priyanka Chopra will jam with Game of Thrones stars. Oh em geee! That would be so cool. Okay, we should probably calm down.

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