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Now, Amaal Mallik calls Sonakshi Sinha's brother Luv Sinha an 'uncouth idiot'

After Luv accused the Mallik brothers of stealing tunes, Amaal shot back with a hard-hitting post

Nanda Das @nanda1das 28 April 2017, 5:26 PM
Amaal Mallik isn't one to mince words

Amaal Mallik isn't one to mince words Image: Facebook

The social media feud between the Sinhas and the Malliks are not going to end anytime soon. After Luv lashed out at Armaan Malik yesterday, now his brother Amaal Mallik has also jumped into the war of words to set the record straight about the allegations made by Sonakshi and her brother Luv. The Kar Gayi Chull hitmaker shared a post on his Facebook page, giving the Malliks' side of the story.

Sonakshi Sinha Luv Sinha
Sonakshi with her brother Luv (Image: Facebook)

Amaal began his post by clearing the confusion that Armaan never mentioned Sonakshi's name in his tweet, where he supported Kailash Kher's view that an actor should not perform at the Justin Bieber concert. He wrote, "... Armaan Malik only retweeted him saying it's a sad state and musicians should be given the platform, and he did not tag or personally attack Sonakshi.

All he did was support a cause he believed in, without getting personal. I don't think he deserved to be targeted and ever since, I sensed a fault in conscience on #SonakshiSinhas part. What my mind fails to comprehend is why is she targeting Armaan alone, because obviously it's easier to call him insecure than calling a Senior Hindustani Classical Singer that."

Amaal also denied the claim that he and his brother had once approached Sonakshi for a collaboration. "But I lost all of that when she involved me into this nonsensical twitterati stating that 'my brother and I both came up to her at some event and asked for a collaboration' which I clearly stated never happened. Just to let the cat out of the bag, Sonakshi was to sing one song for me in #Noor. But the songs I had composed were driven by the script and needed some level of Prowess, knowledge of genre & style in singing which I could only get from singers and thus I couldn't possibly cast her on my songs for the film then," added Amaal.

At the end, he thrashed Luv for accusing them of stealing tunes. Calling Luv an "uncouth idiot trying to get some desperate fame on a social platform", Amaal wrote, "...So get that straight, ask someone to teach you the trade again because you seemed to have forgotten that after your debut flopped real badly. Direct & Indirect comments about me stealing tunes & stuff isn't cool. They only make you sound like an uncouth idiot trying to get some desperate fame on a social platform. You're right, actors can't steal expressions, or else you would do so in your movie and at least garner a handful of people to watch it. Sadly that wasn't the case...."

Waiting for Sona's reaction now since we have no clue when the parties will be khamosh on this issue.

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