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Neetu Kapoor praising Ranbir Kapoor will remind you of your mother

Neetu feels her son is extremely down-to-earth and calm, unlike her husband Rishi, whom she calls a brat. Ouch!

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 13 May 2018, 12:54 PM
Neetu Kapoor can't stop gushing about Ranbir

Neetu Kapoor can't stop gushing about Ranbir Image: Fotocorp

The rest of the world may find many faults with you but for your mum, you are always the best. She may be your worst critic, but when it comes to talking about you to others, she will only have good things to say. And on Mother's Day, we have chanced upon a video where Neetu Kapoor gushing about her son Ranbir totally reminds us of our mommies.

Neetu recently shared a video on Instagram, where she is seen praising Ranbir and saying not-so-kind things about hubby Rishi Kapoor. 

In the video, she says, "Ranbir is totally down to earth, he is simple, and he never loses his cool whereas Rishi is a brat, he's a bully and he's loud." *lol*

Ranbir is definitely maa da ladla.

Doesn't mommy Kapoor sound a lot like our mums? Mommies are the best. Period. 

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