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Nawazuddin Siddiqui denies sister-in-law's allegations of torture

The Gangs of Wasseypur actor was accused by his sister-in-law of physical abuse and torture. The actor clears the air about this murky family affair

IANS 3 October 2016, 7:45 PM
Nawazuddin Siddiqui clears the air about the allegations levelled at him

Nawazuddin Siddiqui clears the air about the allegations levelled at him Image: Fotocorp

Nawazuddin Sidiqui, usually in the news for his splendid performances, is in a tight spot these days. The actor's sister-in-law levelled charges of physical abuse against him, saying he beat her up on September 28 when she was three-months pregnant. Denying all allegations, the Gangs of Wasseypur actor has said that his sister-in-law is stooping to lowly antics for publicity and he is a "soft target". At a press conference on Sunday, the actor said, "I am just contradicting all the allegations that have been made against me." He added, "I'm falsely charged by my sister-in-law because I am a soft target for her. She wants to get publicity from all this. I am an actor, so that could also be a reason for her allegations. Had it happened with a common man, it would not have made headlines."

The woman, who married Nawazuddin's younger brother Minauzzidin Siddiqui on May 31, 2016, lodged a complaint with the Muzaffarnagar district Superintendent of Police (Rural) Rakesh Jolly in Uttar Pradesh. She accused her in-laws of misbehaving with her for dowry and also alleged that Nawazuddin beat her up on September 28, when she was three months pregnant. Nawazuddin, in his defence, publicly released a CCTV footage from September 28, putting the blame for this fiasco squarely on the woman's uncle. Talking about the footage, Nawazuddin said that his sister-in-law's uncle and his wife came to his place with a "proper plan of robbery". "They said that when the whole incident happened, the CCTV camera was switched off and we hit them. But thankfully CCTV camera was on. So, clearly they have been proved wrong here," Nawazuddin said.

Refuting the allegations of physical abuse, Nawazuddin said, "Secondly, they said that I hit that woman in her stomach. However, in the CCTV footage, that I have issued publicly on YouTube, you can clearly see that I have not even touched her." "Thirdly, they said when we were beating them, they were shouting and all our neighbours came in. But, again you can see that when they robbed us and were fleeing, except for the family nobody else was there," he added. The actor informed those present that his three brothers, including Minauzzidin and his wife, stay in the same house in his hometown Budhana, in Muzaffarnagar district, along with his sister and niece. Nawazuddin said, "There was nothing wrong between Minauzzidin and his wife. He is a farmer. They were living happily. Maybe her uncle had some plan in his mind. He used to take money from us."

Nawazuddin also filed a police complaint against his sister-in-law and her uncle at his hometown on Saturday. "At first, I tried to settle all this in family itself. That woman is also part of my family only. I don't like my family matters to go out in public. I was trying to do settlement with them," he said. The actor also revealed that around "Rs 15,000-16,000 in cash, and some gold ornaments," are missing from his house. He said that the case is now under police investigation.

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