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Mamta Kulkarni under drug trafficking scanner

The Bollywood actor's husband Vicky Goswami allegedly heads a global drug racket

Archita Kashyap 28 April 2016, 3:26 PM

Mamta Kulkarni, former heroine of hit films like Ghatak and Karan Arjun, has reportedly come under the scanner of Mumbai and Thane police in a drug trafficking and hawala investigation. A leading Mumbai tabloid has reported that Kulkarni is the face of an international drug ring. Married to Vicky Goswami, a Kenya-based businessman, who has now been revealed as the kingpin of a large global operation, Kulkarni allegedly struck deals with drug networks, routing huge transactions through a hawala channel. She is suspected of dealing with clients in Dubai, Singapore and Mumbai.

Earlier this month, the police seized a record haul of 20 tonnes of ephedrine, a critical ingredient in the manufacture of crystal meth, in Thane, a Mumbai suburb. The ephedrine was to be routed to East Europe through a network that Vicky Goswami heads. Goswami has done jail time in Dubai for 15 years for drug trafficking and has an Interpol notice against his name. Vicky and Mamta were held at the Nairobi airport in 2014 on suspicion of trafficking, but were released later.

This latest investigation had begun after the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) of the United States government tipped off Mumbai police. So far, Kulkarni has managed to escape the cops’ scanner in India and Kenya.


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