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Love Per Square Foot: Vicky Kaushal and Angira Dhar are Bambaiya millennials with Mumbai issues

Let this one make you fall in love with Mumbai, all over again...

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 16 February 2018, 11:34 PM
We bet you'll have a smile pasted on throughout the length of the film.

We bet you'll have a smile pasted on throughout the length of the film. Image: Twitter

Here's to the ones who dream, crazy as they may seem. Here's to the hearts that ache, here's to the mess we make... Trust us, when you watch Netflix's latest direct-to-digital offering starring Vicky Kaushal and Angira Dhar, Love Per Square Foot, these lines from La La Land would ring in your ears.

After all, no dream is too crazy, right? Like the one where you aspire to get a 550 sq.ft home in Mumbai under a married couple scheme when you're just two single individuals trying to fake a marriage, and end up falling in love. Yep! That's basically the plot. But, mind you, they've packaged the concept with a Bambaiya twist that we absolutely love.

Both our lead characters are from Mumbai and harbour hopes of owning a place in the city, but cannot afford for individual reasons. Mumbai, in addition to being a city that never sleeps, is also a city where dreams — no matter how big or small, crazy or realistic — come true. But, you already know that. It's been said over and over again, umpteen times.

But that's just the outer sheen of Mumbai. If you've ever tried getting a place of your own in the city, you would be deemed downright delusional by anyone who hears your novel idea. Outstation Mumbaikars, do we hear a thundering yes?

What we dig in this love story directed by Anand Tiwari is:

Love Per Square Foot
Sanjay andKarina have a 50-50 deal and we're 100 percent happy. Image: IMDB
  1. The cute Vicky Kaushal and the sassy Angira Dhar will make you fall in love with them. Both of them play really relatable, millennial characters — Sanjay Chaturvedi and Karina D' Souza.

  2. In terms of situations, too, their dreams seem like your own, and there are so many moments in the film where you will go, 'It me!' Like, when Karina didn't want to change her last name, or when Sanjay was stuck in the limbo with his needy-AF-but-not-confirming-the-relationship boss, Rashi. When Sanjay and Karina felt the lack of space to even have a proper conversation, or even when Sanjay's parents and Karina's mom met to discuss the 'marriage'.

  3. It has captured the spirit of Mumbai so damn well and so aptly. And, we're not only talking about the introductory song, but also about how the small, small moments fitted right in with the Mumbai theme.Oh, we heart!

  4. A major part of the film is so cute that you'll have a smile pasted on your face while watching it. We firmly believe that happiness lies in the little things, and this 133-minute-long flick is an ode to that. It is packed with delightful moments that'll take you to your happy place.

  5. The Pathak sisters. Both, Ratna Pathak Shah and Supriya Pathak are brilliant in the film. Cute in their own ways, they gave us major mom feels. Bow to thee!

  6. The maturity with which they dealt the subject of inter-caste marriage. You know how we Indians can get about these things. But, Anand's treatment is worth all the praises.

  7. The surprise element at the end of the film. #Haaye We are talking about a certain cameo. Without divulging much — like, who was it? — we just want to say how that left us chuckling as soon as the film hit end credits.


All said and done, the movie has its cons, too. The film's duration for that matter. After a while, you'll feel that there are some scenes that could have been edited out. Also, on a more personal level, we know for a fact that how crazy-difficult it is to get even a rented place in Mumbai. And they bagged the place in a lottery (and the same flat) with such ease! That could have been given more treatment (because, that's problematic for most people).

While musicals are FTW for us, the numbers in LPSF could've been lesser. We agree they were adding to the storyline, but we still feel what we feel.

Overall, the film is going to make you love-struck, and if you're suffering from V-Day withdrawal symptoms, add this to your binge list pronto.

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