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Just to create a controversy, I wouldn't jeopardise my relationship with my colleagues: Neha Dhupia

The actor is back with the second season of her audio chat show #NoFilterNeha, where she interviews her colleagues from Bollywood

Nanda Das @nanda1das 9 August 2017, 3:49 PM
T2 Interview
For Neha, friendship comes first

For Neha, friendship comes first Image: Fotocorp

Controversy sells. But Neha Dhupia will never use it as a tool to garner audience for her show. The actor, who turned a chat show host with #NoFilterNeha last year, is currently working on its second season. She feels she can never ruin her relationship with her famous friends from Bollywood by creating a debate over what they say on the show. In an interview to T2 Online, Neha says her show is a ligh-hearted fun project, where celebs can vent out and feel relieved after the interview is over.


"We want our guests to enjoy the interview session. We don't want people to leave unhappily about a certain answer they have given or feel silly about coming to the show. For me, making the show credible enough is a big responsiblity. It's true that my chat is unfiltered and unedited, so I also try to keep it a fun one. As one of the creators and producers of the show, I would never do anything that would jeopardise my relationship with all these amazing people that come on the show," says Neha.

Neha says that she consciously doesn't enter the dark corners of one's life so that her guests don't feel uncomfortable.

"Our intention is never to create any controversy. We want to give them a happy and fun feeling. At the end of the day, I am an actor. I am still doing movies, Moreover, as one of the creators and producers of the show, I will never associate myself to something that is not a good content wise. Content is to attract interest, not necessarily tittilate," says Neha.

Talking about the research she and her team does for the show, the Phas Gaye Re Obama actor says they reach out to the relatives first before interviewing a celebrity.

"The relatives are very willing to talk about things that don't offend the celebs because everybody, who has come on my show, is an achiever in their own way. They are amazing people with a lot of anecdotes in their lives that people will be interested to know. So a lot of my questions are based on research, and by that we don't mean the stuff which are available on the Internet. We call the family members to know stuff about my guests that nobody knows about," says the actor-turned-host.

Neha, however, confesses that it's difficult to chase celebrities as they are busy with their commitments.

Ranveer Singh, Neha Dhupia
Ranveer Singh on Neha Dhupa's chat show (Image: Viral Bhayani)

"There is a big chaos when a celeb cancels the interview at last moment, or they confirm their attendance in a short time. For example, Ranveer Singh confirmed just 12 hours before we did the recoding. Sonakshi Sinha confirmed half a day before. But we managed to come up well in these circumstances, too. All thanks to my team. I feel we work well under pressure," Neha says.

Quizzed if she ever had the chills before interviewing any famous friend from the industry, and pat comes the reply, "Karan Johar. He himself is such a great host (of a chat show) that asking questions to him was really tough. But my session with him really went well."

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